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Mobile devices and applications for retail, logistics and industry.

Mobile Devices


Industry Services: Mechanical engineering / drive technology, equipment manufacturing, lifting & commercial vehicles and medicine.


Drive Technology

Drive technology: Solutions for requirement-optimized drive electronics.

Drive Technology

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ACD is an owner-managed group of companies that belongs to the technological leading providers inside electronics. In the fields of portable devices and applications for retail and logistics, EMS as well as customer-specific developed industrial electronics for medical, producing industries, mechanical and commercial vehicle engineering, ACD is a manufacturer and a system service provider at the same time.


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Strong together in many industries

Innovative technology from the ACD Group

Portable devices, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and drive technology – these are the three major areas of the ACD Group and in which we are among the leading suppliers in the electronics sector.

Portable Devices

The portable devices of the ACD Group are designed to make mobile data acquisition as flexible and convenient as possible. The devices convince by the simple operation, the intuitive input and the increased longevity, even under the most adverse conditions. Upon customer request, the mobile devices are specifically customizable.

Most of the devices in this series use the Android Industrial+ operating system. This is a secure operating system with which ACD offers high data security.
ACD developed special Android applications for this to make the device user-friendly. These include features such as a restrictive web browser, contact filters, transfer of configuration files and much more.

Due to the different models, ACD’s portable devices can be used flexibly in any area. There are, for example, the mobile handheld computers that facilitate the work of the employee through their simple and straightforward design, or the mobile workstation, which can be individually equipped with accessories, such as a printer.

ACD has everything to offer, from industrial forklift terminals for warehouses and logistics, to paperless order picking with a backhand scanner, to wound documentation, which significantly increases the completeness and quality of the documentation.

Mobile Handheld Computer

Our modern mobile handheld computers are all-rounders in their field. The highest priority in the development of the devices is the constant optimization and acceleration of everyday work processes. In doing so, we focus our products on a wide range of industries. Industry, logistics and the retail sector benefit from our technology. Especially in harsh environments our devices convince with practical features and high performance.

We are proud to call our products “award-winning”. Our mobile handheld computer M2Smart®SE has proven itself and received the iF Design Award, the German Innovation Award and the Innovation Award Baden-Württemberg in 2020. The product gets its flexible character from the possibility of plugging in a wide variety of modules. For example, an additional keypad and a temperature measuring rod are available as accessories. For all other needs we have developed the M2Smart®SE in further variants: M2Smart®SE with UHF RFID, M2Smart®SE with HF RFID, M2Smart®SE Industry with M2Safety, M2Smart®SE Industry.

The HasciSE can also convince. Scanning operations have never been so easy. The HasciSE is attached to the back of the hand by a wrist strap, which is also equipped with a finger button. Barcode scanning can be performed with a single movement. However, if you don’t like the idea of wearing a wrist strap, you can simply attach the HasciSE to your belt using our zipper and take it out when you need it. Especially for logistics and industry, our HasciSE is an effective and practical companion.

Mobile workstations

Mobility and shorter travel times, these are two of the advantages of our Mobile Workstations from ACD Elektronik. Without cable drum and cable tangle you can organize your data acquisition flexibly with our Mobile Workstation MAX. Independent of fixed workstations, the MAX allows you to move around the entire warehouse without having to do without your IT equipment. Convince yourself of the MAX: You can easily calculate how many savings you make with it using our ROI calculator.

With a wide range of optimization options, the workstation can be adapted to your needs. The MAX is also used in the freezer sector. The product configurator makes it easy to put together the most important components. You can see how far your selection extends here on the product page of our MAX. We offer practical equipment such as scanner mounts, various table tops, printer trays, storage boxes, drawers, monitor mounts, country-specific sockets and much more to enhance your work experience.

The PowerBox PB300 Li-Ion is also available under the Mobile Workstations category. While not a Mobile Workstation itself like the MAX, it serves as the centerpiece of your mobile power supply. A rugged design and convenient handle allow for mobile use. With over eight hours of battery life, an entire workday can be bridged with the energy of our PowerBox. With very short charging cycles of only four hours, even intermediate charges are no problem.

Electronic Manufacturing Services

ACD Systemtechnik GmbH is a company of the ACD Group and an authorized EMS service provider in the field of electronic manufacturing services.

Here, a fast sample production is accomplished by means of the most modern machines, motivated employees as well as testing and measuring devices. From serial assembly to testing and reliable delivery of complete devices and systems, we are your strong service partner.

Highly qualified development engineers accompany the product from start to finish. From the creation of the first prototype to series production. Here, the task of developing the product and the production of the individual assemblies, professionally and carefully implemented.

It does not matter whether the final product is a large-scale production or a one-off production.

The constant manufacturing quality is ensured by the innumerable certifications of the company, as well as the unparalleled traceability of the products and the production according to the manufacturing standard.

Drive Technology

In the field of drive and control technology, the ACD Group is essentially dedicated to the development of customized systems in the field of automation technology. The company is one of the leading service providers in this field.

The development in compliance with legal and technical regulations is in the foreground for customer-specific requests. These are delivered to the customer with the highest quality and always on time. Through these quality standards, ACD has built a solid trust with its customers over many years.

ACD addresses various aspects of these systems in order to deliver a flawless product to the customer. This includes providing the product with functional safety to avoid any outstanding risks:

  • Manufacturing the system components for your automation requirements in different voltage and power classes.
  • To equip handheld devices, which can be used for process and machine control, with a safety function as well.
  • Scalable I/O components to complement the safe drive systems with the respective protocols.
  • and last but not least optimized power supplies, which are suitable for regenerative drive systems.
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