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Handheld M2Smart®SE recognized as leading innovation!

“Only those who think about tomorrow today can face the numerous challenges and developments in the future.” ACD Elektronik has been developing and manufacturing electronic products according to this philosophy for more than 45 years. The award-winning handheld M2Smart®SE is the latest product developed and manufactured according to the company’s motto and credo “Made in Germany”.

Electronics from Baden-Württemberg Conquers new areas of application

ACD Elektronik is headquartered in Achstetten, a community with 5,000 inhabitants in the district of Biberach in Baden-Württemberg. “The entire development and production of the M2Smart®SE takes place at our company in Achstetten,” explains Alina Guther, Team Leader Marketing & Product Management, ACD Elektronik. “Of the 420 employees at ACD, more than 30 percent are involved in research and development of our products and software. The entire competencies and expertise of the products and the Android™ Industrial+ operating system lie with us.”

ACD Elektronik holds patents and utility models for the basic idea and trademark rights for the names of products such as the M2Smart®SE handheld. The products are certified and approved in Germany and Europe, and the corresponding certification has been applied for in the USA, Canada and China, according to Andreas Zwißler, Managing Director at ACD. We are not only gaining new areas of application geographically. In the RFID and security industries, the modular M2Smart®SE handheld is gaining widespread acceptance thanks to its RFID read and write function, barcode scanning or the increased security of the operating system, which prevents data transmission to third parties.

M2Smart AGV 1

Handheld M2Smart®SE and Android™ Industrial+ Operating System recognized as leading innovations

The quality and innovation standard of ACD Elektronik has been recognized several times: ACD is one of the top 100 most innovative companies in the German SME sector. In 2020 and 2021, the M2Smart®SE and the Android™ Industrial+ operating system were honored with the German Innovation Award. The plug-on modules offer “a specific solution for every application, so that there are no limits to creativity and flexibility,” according to the jury’s statement.

Further innovations of the M2Smart®SE are currently taking shape: In addition to the available modules for reading and writing RFID tags, scanning barcodes and measuring temperature, an OEM RTLS module for identifying and locating objects is being developed.

M2Smart Industrie

Modular Innovations of the M2Smart®SE adapted to customer requirements

The M2Smart®SE can be expanded with new functions using the attached modules. “ACD Elektronik is known for developing customer-specific solutions,” explains Alina Guther, Product Manager at ACD. “In this respect, and thanks to the modularity, M2Smart®SE offers a lot of flexibility, enabling us to make adjustments according to the most specific customer environments and develop the corresponding modules, even in small quantities.

Thorsten Kächele, Sales Manager at ACD Elektronik is convinced of ACD Elektronik’s innovation standard: “It is our declared goal to stand out from our competitors through innovation. M2Smart®SE is designed in such a way that we can make realize very individual adjustments to the basic device for our customers and fulfill even the most specific requirements through the various modules.”

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