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Exact Batch Tracking for the Food Industry

Case Study Mobile Handheld Computer for exact batch tracking


For some years now, mobile devices have been used by food producers to record batches. As external and internal quality requirements became ever stricter, one pioneer in the industry began searching for a suitable solution about three years ago.

The high requirements had been clearly defined: The device should have a smooth surface that is easy to clean and insensitive to cleaning and disinfecting agents used in a food environment, and it should be resistant to bacteria found in milk and cream. A conspicuous color for the housing was also desirable so it could be recognized easily by detectors. Other criteria included exact recording and reporting of the use of goods (no extrapolation).

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Approach to a Solution

Based on the requirements named above, ACD engineers developed the M266 mobile handheld computer – currently the only one of its kind – which meets the strict hygiene requirements of the food industry. As many as ten employees from the Hardware and Software Development, CAD, Design and Construction were involved in the project. OPUS//G was integrated into all steps of development as a strategic partner.

The company provides software solutions for planning and monitoring of all logistics processes, from warehouse management to manufacturing execution systems and on to forklift truck control systems and vehicle routing. Close collaboration ensured that the interface from the M266 mobile handheld computer to the resource management system worked flawlessly right from the beginning.


The development investment has paid off: The M266 mobile handheld computer was very well received by the employees on site and all the employees would now like to have their own terminal. Currently the M266 is being subjected to greater loads and additional applications are being developed.

There are plans to use the mobile data acquisition devices in the future for maintenance purposes on product machines as well. German companies are relying on ever more elaborate quality management systems, for example traceability. Because of this, it can confidently be predicted that the demand for mobile devices to simplify these steps will continue to grow. ACD has certainly filled a market gap here with M266.

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