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Industry defense


Industries of the ACD Group

EMS in defence

Our experts at ACD Systemtechnik can deal professionally with the requirements in terms of service life with a long-term guarantee of subsequent delivery..

Constantly reliable

Core competence of our production

Customer service, logistics, production and the test field are the pillars of our EMS service which, based on the applicable standards and regulations, such as IPC classes 2 and 3, can boast long-term customer relationships in this field.

We assume responsibility for the entire service, starting with the receipt of additional and assembly parts in the incoming goods department, through the entire manufacturing process with the various testing options for the optical, electrical and climate test options available in-house, right through to shipping.


Assembly quality

State-of-the-art machinery

Surface mounted devices have been processed in the ACD Group since 1989. Production takes place on five assembly lines; with the lines running in two-shift operation (3-shift operation when machining). When a new assembly order is received, the components are first picked in the warehouse, then set up on equipment trolleys and made available for the further production process.

Technology – final assembly of devices


Our experience in the industry enables us to install, wire and completely test the assembled module in addition to the assembled module at the customer’s request. Our customers therefore receive a finished product as a module for further integration into their solution.

Twisted testing