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MAX BE TK (for freezer Use)
PowerBox PB300 BE Li-Ion
MAX 100

Product Information Mobile Workstation MAX BE

Every warehouse has different needs depending on the personnel employed, operations handled, and materials worked. With this in mind, we designed and developed different mobile workstation models to accommodate a broader range of facility requirements and restrictions. Our example configuration of Goldhofer AG shows you the possibilities. All models feature a flexible modular configuration that allows users to customize the system to their preferences, as well as a country-specific design that meets all EU requirements, a proven battery management system that ensures longer battery life, and industrial casters that facilitate movement through the warehouse.

Benefits of Mobile Workstations

When integrated into warehouses or other industrial environments, mobile workstations - such as the MAX BE line of mobile workstations - provide a number of benefits that improve profitability, including:
  • Increased productivity: Mobile workstations allow employees to take their workstation with them between locations in the warehouse, thereby reducing the amount of time spent walking back and forth between the workstation and supplies.
  • Enhanced data access: Since the workstation is immediately available, workers can easily access the information they need to ensure accurate order fulfillment and documentation of shipping and returns.
  • Simplified docking and shipping operations: Docking and shipping are much easier without the need for travel between different areas of the warehouse for products, materials, and documentation. A mobile workstation allows warehouse workers to keep everything together, for more streamlined shipping and receiving processes.
  • Reduced potential for error: With all of the pertinent data immediately available, workers are less likely to overlook, forget, or misinterpret information, thereby reducing the potential for errors in shipping, returns, and inventory checks.
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