As Easy as doing contactless operations – The Fast Pairing of the HasciSE AR via NFC Tag

Fast pairing thanks to NFC tag

With a scanning range of up to 14 meters, the HasciSE AR is not only the most powerful backhand scanner in our HasciSE family, it is now also possible to pair the HasciSE AR quickly and easily with an NFC-enabled counterpart device using NFC Tag and Bluetooth. To do this, the user simply needs to hold the NFC touchpoint of the NFC-enabled device against the top of the HasciSE AR. Then the NFC tag can be read and a connection established via Bluetooth. No additional app or software is needed. After a successful pairing, the status LED of the HasciSE AR pulses blue at five-second intervals, indicating it is ready for use. NFC-enabled devices include a wide range of commercially available tablets and smartphones or our mobile handheld computer M2Smart®SE. Pairing the HasciSE AR is thus similar to the principle of paying with a credit card or smartphone and is just as quick and easy.

HasciSE AR blauer Display
Handrückenscanner HasciSE SR montiert auf Handstulpe 2

Variety of wearing options and Made in Germany

Just like all other ACD Elektronik products, all HasciSE models are developed and manufactured in Germany. Furthermore, there are different carrying options for the HasciSE. Among other things, the HasciSE can be quickly and easily mounted on a suitable cuff or hand strap using standardized snap fasteners, or the scanner can be attached to a belt using a zipper.