How do I get a measuring or testing device with an AndroidTM user interface?
Learn more about the Android Device Kit at SENSOR+TEST 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany!

ACD Elektronik is a company from the south of Germany. The company is known for robust and innovative mobile Android™ devices for logistics and industry. New in it´s product portfolio is an interesting concept for developers of mobile or stationary devices looking for an Android™ user interface. The Android Device Kit is based on ACD’s own Android™ Industrial+ operating system and is, in combination with a generous construction kit of hardware components, the ideal solution for the development of an individual measuring or testing device with an Android™ user interface.

When choosing a suitable operating system for a measuring or testing device, it is usually difficult to find a device that meets the specific requirements 100 %. As a rule, compromises have to be made, which in the end are at the expense of performance and efficiency. The option of developing one’s own device that exactly meets the requirements of the various processes in one’s own company is often very expensive and involves many risks. Among other things, the effort is incorrectly estimated, the costs quickly exceed the previously estimated budget, and the time-to-market is dramatically extended.

Without compromising – With the Android Device Kit to the perfect operating device

The solution for this problem is the Android Device Kit from ACD Elektronik. The Android Device Kit is a modular device platform based on the Android™ Industrial+ operating system optimized by ACD Elektronik. As the name implies, thisAndroid™ offshoot has been specially optimized for industrial use and, in addition to greatly improved security, offers other important attributes such as long-term availability, stability and future-proofing. In addition, the entire source code is located at ACD Elektronik in Germany and there is no data leakage to third parties.

Furthermore, the Android Device Kit contains a broad “construction kit” of combinable hardware components such as displays of different sizes, communication modules, different sensors, interfaces, etc. The Android Device Kit can also be used in combination with other devices. In a joint development project, the requirements for the new measuring, testing or analysis device are defined and adjustments are made to the hardware and software so that in the end the optimum solution can be delivered to the customer. Due to the possibility of also integrating customer-specific components or even developing components from scratch, the possibilities with the Android Device Kit are almost unlimited.

Komponenten des Android Device Kit
Optimiertes Android Betriebssystem

Advantages through the Android Device Kit

Working with ACD Elektronik offers many advantages. ACD Elektronik’s many years of experience in the development of mobile devices and the secure Android™ Industrial+ operating system gives companies a real performance and time advantage. The development time is significantly reduced and risks are also greatly reduced. In addition, ACD Elektronik has great experience in the subject of design and construction of mobile devices and is also available to assist with approval and certification.

The way to the individual AndroidTM device – learn more at the SENSOR+TEST 2023 in Nuremberg

In addition to the individual consultation at our booth 2-210 in hall 2, there is also the possibility to visit the lecture of our managing director, Mr. Andreas Zwißler, on Thursday, 11 May at 12.30 p.m. in the exhibitor forum in hall 1 at booth 1-241. In this lecture all important questions around the Android Device Kit will be explained. Among other things, why AndroidTM devices are the future and how you can use our expertise to get a measuring, testing or analysis device perfectly adapted to your specific needs. Experience exciting days at SENSOR + TEST 2023, the ACD Elektronik team is looking forward to meeting you!