The all-rounder for logistics:

Large keys, wide scanning range and extremely robust.

The device for all applications and processes!

The M270SE mobile handheld computer from ACD Elektronik GmbH, already firmly established on the market, has been setting standards in terms of safety, usability and durability since it was introduced. Since recently, the M270SE is also available as an Advanced Range variant. But what does Advanced Range mean in practical terms for the user? To put it briefly, Advanced Range means one device for all process steps. Thanks to the powerful Zebra SE5500 scan engine, the M270SE AR is capable of reading barcodes both from a distance of 5 cm and, under optimal conditions, from up to 14 m away from the object. The extended scanning range of the M270SE AR allows users to work more efficiently and with greater focus than ever before. “Where previously different devices were necessary or inconvenient distances had to be covered, it is now possible with the M270SE AR to scan codes at a wide variety of distances without any additional effort or loss of time,” says Alina Guther, product manager at ACD Elektronik GmbH. The scan engine is integrated directly into the housing, so that the device can be used without a pistol grip. An additional benefit is the green aiming point. It provides easier and faster targeting of the code and is an upgrade to the traditional red aiming points, especially at long distances. For those who still prefer to work with a pistol grip, the M270SE AR can of course be fitted with one.

Reliable operating system with AndroidTM Industrial+

In today’s world, mobile handheld computers with AndroidTM operating systems are the gold standard on the market and have largely displaced all other operating systems. One special feature of the M270SE AR is the AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system, which was specially developed by ACD Elektronik GmbH. This guarantees maximum data security and long-term availability of security and update services. The familiar AndroidTM user interface ensures intuitive operability for the user and, in combination with the powerful scan engine and fast input keyboard, makes the device a reliable companion in logistics and industry.


Proven design and compatibility with existing accessories

Like the other variants of the M270SE with short, medium and long-range imager and its predecessor, the first edition of the M270, the variant with Advanced Range imager is impressive with its clearly arranged quick-entry keyboard featuring large keys, which enables fast and convenient operation even with gloves. The consistent accessories make for a huge advantage for the entire M270 product group. Docking stations, charging stations, mounting brackets or pouches are still compatible with the M270SE AR, so the costs of switching are significantly reduced. With its familiar ergonomic handling, extremely robust design and high-resolution VGA display with capacitive touchscreen, the M270SE AR is also designed to be user-friendly, enabling optimal and smooth operation and visualization in almost any work environment.