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ACD EasyToPush: Easy operation without battery and cable

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ACD vehicle mount terminals of the MFT1x series with cable- and battery-free EasyToPush button and matching app for easy operation.

After the MFT1x vehicle mount terminal series has been successively expanded over the last few years with display variants and new features such as RFID, integrated battery, external keyboards and various operating systems, the latest add-on focuses on the wireless use of external buttons. With ACD EasyToPush – a combination of battery- and wireless button, a USB gateway and a matching app, ACD Elektronik GmbH focuses on increased usability, fast initial setup for forklifts and thus enormous time and cost savings.

The ACD EasyToPush is a battery and wireless radio button incl. USB gateway in industrial quality. The ACD EasyToPush button can be mounted anywhere on a forklift or industrial truck. This eliminates the need to climb up and down to make an entry, for example. The associated USB gateway is simply con-nected to the MFT1x vehicle mount terminal under Windows® via the USB interface. Thanks to the inter-face cover on the back, the high level of dust and splash water protection is still provided even with the USB gateway plugged in. In the appropriate app, the button only has to be added to the vehicle mount terminal and confirmed. The external button is then immediately ready for use without any complex ca-bling. This results in measurable cost and time savings, and there is no need for any maintenance as the button does not require batteries.

The smooth communication is achieved by a batteryless radio sensor system between the ACD EasyToPush button and the USB gateway. The necessary energy is generated solely by the mechanical stroke of the pushbutton. The simple and fast operation of the ACD EasyToPush button – just one press – eliminates the need for input via the sensitive touch screen. This means that the vehicle mount terminal can also be operated with gloves without any problems. The range is approximately ten meters and several ACD EasyToPush keys can be connected in parallel to a USB gateway. This allows the use from different locations or the storage of different inputs. To meet the high protection class of IP65, the button is installed in a robust industrial housing, which can be mounted extremely easily via pre-punched hole patterns.

The advantage of the overall system is that it provides an extremely robust industrial pushbutton for quick and easy inputs without the need for external cabling. The intuitive ACD EasyToPush app can be used to assign the desired inputs or corresponding keypad codes to the button. Up to two keyboard codes or inputs are possible per button. The desired entries are simply mapped by “pressing” and “releasing” the ACD EasyToPush key.

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