ACD Elektronik presents the latest product release to the HMI series: M2Smart® HMI10 Wired

Mobile HMI devices with emergency stop and enabling switch

ACD Elektronik GmbH, a high-end supplier in the electronics sector, has added a new device to its HMI series. The new product, like the other HMI devices, is equipped with an emergency stop, an enabling switch and the safe and reliable Android™ Industrial+ operating system. The new wired M2Smart® HMI10 combines robustness, functionality and safety. The connection cable for the power supply and transmission of safety data allows continuous working.

Robust design combined with functional safety for uninterrupted work

In the control and monitoring of industrial systems and machines, humans and machines must work hand in hand. Industry is placing ever greater demands on equipment, performance and ergonomics. ACD Elektronik GmbH has focused on developing a robust wired human-machine interface, or HMI device for short, with high functionality. The connection cable, which ensures the power supply and at the same time the transmission of safety data, provides smooth operation without any interruptions. Compared to conventional Android™ versions, the operating system of the M2Smart® HMI10 Wired Android™ Industrial+ is characterized by unsurpassed data security, no data leakage to third parties and long-term availability.

The HMI device features a sophisticated safety concept consisting of an integrated emergency stop button and a handle with a three-stage enabling switch. “Thanks to the sophisticated design of the emergency stop module and the ergonomic enabling switch, both modules can be changed flexibly by the users. This leads to the adavantage that just because service of a module is needed does not automatically mean downtime of the HMI device. Furthermore, the ergonomic enabling switch on the back of the HMI device can be rotated by the customer, making the HMI device equally suitable for right- and left-handed users,” explains Alina Guther, Product Manager at ACD Elektronik GmbH. Due to the modularity there are no limits for the user, and customer-specific modules can be developed by ACD Elektronik GmbH at any time.

The large 10.1 inch color display features superior imaging quality for an optimum visualization of the customer application. The operator data is transmitted to the PLC control of the machine via WIFI. The optional integrated camera rounds off the M2Smart® HMI10 Wired.

M2Smart® HMI10 Wired
M2Smart® HMI10 Wired Rückansicht

Secure Android™ Industrial+ operating system

In terms of data security, M2Smart® HMI10 sets new standards. The Android™ Industrial+ operating system, specially developed by ACD Elektronik GmbH, is particularly attractive for industry: This operating system is independent of Google services and prevents data migration to third parties while still offering the familiar user interface. It is always possible for the user to use additional Android™ apps on the HMI device. This allows the device to be optimally adapted to customer specifications and proccesses. Security patches are provided by ACD Elektronik GmbH in Germany and can be easily applied.

The long-term availability of the M2Smart® HMI10 Wired hardware and software – up to ten years – is a further plus point for successful use in industrial automation, machine and plant engineering and drive and control technology, among others.


Wired variant provides a high level of safety

Due to the direct interface of device and machine via the 5-meter connection cable, optionally available in 10 meters as well, the effective range and working environment are specifically defined so that the safety of employees is always guaranteed.

New processes or a new machine environment often place further demands on an HMI device. The modular M2Smart® HMI10 Wired offers maximum flexibility for this. The wired device can also be upgraded to the high-end wireless version at any time by ACD Elektronik GmbH.