Backhand scanner with industrial quality


The best ergonomic backhand scanner with industrial quality

HasciSE is easy to use with a hand strap including finger switch or zipper, thereby cutting costs while the user always remains flexible in his choice of carrying options.

In the fast growing segment of logistics wearables, ACD is launching an innovative product. The HasciSE, an ergonomic hand back scanner, is not only one of the lightest, flattest and smallest in its class, they can also be paired easily with the corresponding second device using the appropriate ACD EasyToConnect app. It can also be quickly and easily attached to any carrying options, such as hand straps or zippers. This cuts costs for customers and leaves them free and always flexible in choosing what to wear. ACD already offers an optional matching hand strap with finger switch or a zipper for fastening to make the HasciSE ready for immediate use.

Ergonomischer Handrückenscanner Zubehör

Small and powerful

The technical features of the HasciSE are also impressive: Protection class IP54/IP67, a battery runtime of one shift and an integrated 2D scanner SE4770, optionally with the possibility of reading dot codes ensure efficient working in all logistics environments. The HasciSE can record both 1D and 2D barcodes without difficulty. The scan is triggered by proximity sensor, push button on the device or finger switch and the users receive a corresponding scan feedback via LED, sound and vibration. Due to the very compact dimensions and an extremely low weight of only 45 grams, the HasciSE is hardly noticeable when worn.

The absence of edges on the housing prevents anything from being snagged, for example cardboard boxes. The temperature range from -20 °C to 50 °C allows for versatile application areas. The HasciSE is easy to pair via BT-compatible short-range radio (V4.0). Compatible ACD devices for pairing are the mobile handheld computer M2Smart®SE, M270 and the vehicle terminals of the MFT1x series. Besides the HasciSE backhand scanner, ACD already offers a docking station, the ACD hand strap with integrated finger switch and the HasciSE zipper.

An all-rounder in logistics

The HasciSE can be used in all areas of logistics: Incoming and outgoing goods, warehouse, shipping or inventory are just a few examples. The HasciSE plays its strengths to the full in particular in small parts picking, where work is usually carried out “hands-free”. The Hasci can also be used on large industrial production lines.

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