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An Innovative HMI Device for Smart Machine Control: M2Smart® HMI5

Robust construction, functional safety, modular architecture and a high level of data security: The M2Smart® HMI5 opens up new possibilities in the area of industrial machine and system control. With the product launch of the M2Smart® HMI5, ACD Elektronik GmbH, a developer and manufacturer of innovative electronics, brings another trailblazing product to the market and expands its existing HMI series. To meet the complex requirements of industry, ACD Elektronik has developed a highly user-focused mobile HMI device that is setting new standards, especially in terms of data security and customized adaptations.

M2Smart HMI5 HMI-Gerät Anwendungsbild

Modular and mobile HMI device facilitates customer-specific adaptations

The illuminated mandatory emergency stop button and a three-stage enabling switch are included with the standard equipment of the HMI device and are located directly on the M2Smart® HMI5. One distinctive feature of the M2Smart® HMI5 is its modular architecture: The basic device can be upgraded with additional functions, each perfectly coordinated with the others. This is made possible by the Android™ Industrial+ operating system and the patented slide mechanism on the device. Developed internally by ACD Elektronik in Germany, the operating system makes it possible to use numerous apps and offers users the advantages of intuitive operation. The slide mechanism provides a mechanical interface through which the HMI device can be flexibly expanded with additional system components and modules.

Customer-specific applications can also be developed by ACD Elektronik. In this way, the device can meet the different requirements of users. In response to customer wishes, ACD offers additional, customized device extensions related to function and operation. The 4.8-inch TFT color display ensures optimum visualization combined with convenient handling similar to a smartphone. Impressive features of the device include its light weight, intuitive handling and compact, ergonomic design.

The Android™ Industrial+ operating system ensures maximum security while meeting safety and security standards

The M2Smart® HMI5 meets all requirements for functional safety in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849. An illuminated emergency stop button together with a three-stage enabling switch ensures reliable operation of machines and systems. Safety data is transferred by a fault-insensitive wireless connection via Bluetooth to the M2Smart® Gateway, which transmits the data to the machine. In this way the requirements of the Machinery Directive related to the safety features of a machine are met – even with a wireless operating system.

The Android™ Industrial+ is an industrial operating system that features a high level of data security. There is no data migration to third parties. The operating system is also independent of Google services. ACD Elektronik guarantees security patches and updates will be provided throughout the entire product lifecycle of the device. This long-term availability guarantees planning security and makes the device especially attractive for industry. Users can install and use any Android™ apps on the M2Smart® HMI5. This flexibility means the M2Smart® HMI5 can be used in different processes.

Rugged construction stands up to harsh conditions

Thanks to the rugged design and protection class IP65, the M2Smart® HMI5 is protected against water jets and dust. This makes the control panel especially suitable for applications in close proximity to machines or in harsh ambient conditions. The capacitive display is especially resistant to scratches and wear. The device can also be set up and placed in operation quickly.

The innovative M2Smart® basic device has already won a number of awards, including the German Innovation Award 2021. You can experience our products live at automatica, the leading trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics, June 21 – 24, 2022 in Munich.

The M2Smart® HMI5 is scheduled to enter series production in the third quarter.

M2smart HMI5