MAX 300BP Li-Ion Mobile Workstation


MAX Li-Ion; now available with integrated bypass circuit

ACD Group are pleased to announce the addition of the MAX 300BP Li-Ion with bypass circuit to the MAX Li-Ion product family. MAX Li-Ion mobile workstations are ideal for multishift working in busy supply chain operations because of the greater power capacity of Li-Ion batteries and their flexible charging capabilities.


Flexible working in the entire warehouse environment

The MAX Mobile Workstation has been a mainstay of ACD Elektronik GmbH product sales for nearly 15 years and has undergone continuous customer-driven development in that time. The by-pass circuit allows for normal operation and simultaneous battery charging and was initially only available with the higher capacity MAX 750 Li-Ion and MAX 1200 Li-Ion mobile workstations, the addition of the MAX 300BP Li-Ion now completes the line-up. Maintenance-free lithium-ion rechargeable batteries offer improved performance over lead-acid gel batteries because they have higher capacity and weigh less coupled with a more flexible charging regime which makes them ideal for intensive multi-shift supply chain operations.

The MAX Mobile Workstation carries and powers the IT resources and other tools to wherever they are required for any stage of the logistics fulfillment process. With the IT resources at hand, data entry, label and document printing can take place on the spot reducing errors and saving valuable process time by not having to walk to and from a fixed IT station. The MAX 300BP Li-Ion’s 12V/100Ah lithium-iron phosphate battery can be charged at any time, during breaks for example which allows for longer operating runtimes without having to deep charge the battery.

The MAX 300BP Li-Ion weighs just 68kg (not including ancillary devices) and is equipped with a full battery management system to ensure cell balancing and charge monitoring functions. For additional user-safety the AC power outlet strips (as appropriate for the territory) include an FI (RCD) circuit breaker. There is a comprehensive range of accessories available to enable the MAX to be customized for individual operational requirements.

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