Never get out of the vehicle again:

Hands-free scanning over long distances

The ACD HasciSE AR backhand scanner with a scanning range of up to 14 meters

Easily scan barcodes on goods from a distance of well over 10 meters and without having to get out of the industrial truck? And save time by eliminating the need to reach for a handheld scanner? With the ergonomic backhand scanner from ACD Elektronik GmbH, this is now a reality:
Comfortably attached to the back of the hand, hardly noticeable due to its low weight and with a scanning range of up to 14 meters, the HasciSE AR is revolutionizing warehouse work. Barcodes can be captured quickly and conveniently from the vehicle, “hands-free” and without the hassle of picking up and setting aside a handheld scanner. Maximum scanning comfort and efficient work are guaranteed for the user.

Small device, big performance

ACD’s HasciSE AR backhand scanner is a pioneer in the logistics wearables segment. Its handy design, coupled with its light weight and powerful advanced range scan engine, makes scanning much easier. Goods can be accessed without having to put the scanner aside, saving valuable time in the daily work routine. Thanks to its high-quality industrial processing, the new backhand scanner also boasts a high level of robustness, effectively saving costs and minimizing the risk of failure.

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Hands-free scanning from a greater distance thanks to advanced range technology

The HasciSE AR’s integrated 2D advanced range imager with Zebra’s powerful SE5500 scan engine enables convenient scanning from 5.6 centimeters to 14 meters away from the object. This also makes it possible to scan at a greater distance from the goods. The wearable HasciSE has long since proven itself in close-range applications such as small parts picking. With this product innovation, ACD Elektronik is targeting new application areas that require both a greater scanning range and hands-free operation. For example, when working from a forklift in a high-bay warehouse, the HasciSE AR with 2D advanced range imager proves to be extremely adept and also scores in terms of occupational safety: Both hands remain free to operate other tools. Where in the past different devices had to be used, now one scanner meets all requirements and ensures satisfied employees.

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Maximum wearing comfort: Lightweight, ergonomic and flexible wearing options

The low weight of 49 g ensures greater wearing comfort. This makes the HasciSE AR one of the lightest and smallest wearables in its class. In addition, the HasciSE AR features versatile wearing options, which include hand straps and hand gauntlets with release or zipper. Ergonomic and adapted to each hand, the matching accessories are available in different sizes and for right- and left-handed users. Attaching the scanner by means of standard snap fasteners and retaining the same basic device shape offer decisive advantages: The accessories can be flexibly exchanged independently of the scanner and adapted to the needs and requirements of the wearer. In addition, the accessories are designed to be applicable to all products in the Hasci family.

Rugged industrial-grade backhand scanner

With a high protection class and a long battery life, the HasciSE AR ensures greater efficiency in the warehouse, incoming and outgoing goods, and shipping, even in a harsh environment.
With the appropriate app ACD EasyToConnect 2.0 for AndroidTM, Windows® and IGEL OS, the barcode scanner can easily be paired with a remote device via BT-compatible short-range radio for secure data transmission. Alternatively, the ACD HasciDataService app can be used for quick pairing with the remote device and communication via intents.