Product innovation: M2Smart® HMI Case

Controlling machines safely with a consumer tablet?

ACD Elektronik GmbH is adding a new product to its HMI series: A robust case with emergency stop button and enabling switch for a safe and flexible operation of machines in the industrial sector. The special device construction combines the use of safety functions with a consumer tablet, an absolute unique solution for the industrial environment.

Optimal entry-level solution for the smart control of machines in safety-critical areas

Many companies rely on new concepts and intelligent solutions coming from the sector of human machine interface, or HMI for short, for the control of machines. In this context, mobile HMI devices are clearly on the advance. With regard to the latest developments and technical progress in the BtoC Sector, consumer tablets are also being used more often for smart control of mechanical systems in the industry. How can be a common consumer tablet used as a steering device in a sector with safety regulations? The answer is the M2Smart® HMI Case. The rugged frame construction enables to integrate common tablets from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Lenovo easily and tool-free. The result is an HMI device with emergency stop button and enabling switch for reliable machine operation and control in safety-critical areas.

M2Smart HMI Case

Robust case meets easy handling

Das M2Smart® HMI Case stands out with its rugged construction and IP65 protection. That’s why the M2Smart® HMI Case is optimally suited for industrial environments, machine and plant construction, and numerous fields of application. Thanks to a quick-release fastener on the back, a consumer tablet from common manufacturers can be inserted into the M2Smart® HMI Case. Due to the solid construction, the tablet sits securely in the device frame. All functions of the tablet such as camera and buttons can be operated as usual.

The connection cable, that supplies the device constantly with power, allows continuous work. In addition, the safety data is transmitted via a direct interface, so that maximally secure data transmission is guaranteed. The connection cable, which is either five or ten meters long, offers flexibility in range, so that many areas of application are covered.

M2Smart HMI Case

Highest flexibility through tablet and operating system of your choice

Thanks to the use of common tablets, any operating systems such as Android™ or iOS can be used. This provides users the advantages of a familiar user interface and intuitive operation. Customer-specific adjustments for other tablets, such as Windows tablets, are possible. In addition, the case is modular and can be equipped with additional options, for instance modules with buttons or joysticks, and thus adapted to users’ individual requirements. Additional customized modules can be added to the case on request.

For companies that would like to use a sophisticated mobile HMI device instead of common consumer tablets, the ACD HMI series offers a promising alternative. “With our M2Smart® HMI10 series and the secure Android™ industrial+ operating system, we guarantee a long-term availability of up to 8 years. This long-term availability is a decisive advantage for users, who can rely on our solution for many years,” explains Alina Guther, Product Manager. Anyone who relies on the right solution can make machine operation flexible and safe.

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