Modular Handheld Computer M2Smart®SE now also with Midrange UHF RFID

News Article: Unlimited possibilities in RFID!

In times of Digital Factory and Industry 4.0, industrial identification with RFID systems is one of the key technologies.

Portable RFID readers lead to more transparency, efficiency and flexibility. After the Shortrange UHF-RFID module, ACD Elektronik GmbH now introduces the matching Midrange UHF-RFID module for longer ranges. Both modules can be attached to the M2Smart®SE mobile handheld computer without tools and are ready for immediate use.

Within industrial manufacturing companies there is an increasing use of corresponding Auto-ID systems. RFID technology is used to identify products in the manufacturing process and transmit important data to the production control system. Where additional value is placed on wireless systems, the M2Smart®SE mobile handheld computer, equipped with an individual RFID module, is used. After the Shortrange UHF RFID module, ACD Elektronik GmbH introduces a new mobile Midrange UHF RFID module for the M2Smart®SE. The powerful midrange reader module has a read range of up to six meters, an integrated linear polarized antenna and reads all common UHF RFID tags. With an output power of 0 to 27 dBm, it covers most application areas. The M2UHF-RFID Midrange Module – like the M2UHF-RFID Shortrange Module – starts operation reliably and automatically via Plug and Play as soon as it is plugged into the base unit.

Mobiler Handheld Computer M2Smart®SE mit RFID: Ein wichtiger Baustein auf dem Weg zur Smart Factory.

M2UHF RFID App for more usability

The included, intuitive M2UHF-RFID App offers – besides instant module recognition – a wealth of settings to customize the system to individual needs. In addition to common read/write functions, the app also includes convenient tag localization. This localizes tags with signaling by a colored bar and optionally by sound and the specification of TX level and RSSI. Other useful features include the setting of various country regions or the selection of TX Power (output power). Additionally, settings for RFMode, Session, Rate and Target can be made.
To increase usability even further, the latest version of the app has supplementary functions, such as reading out individual tags. This makes it possible to read out the password and the memory bank (EPC/USER/TID/RESERVED) for individual tags and to define in which format (HEX, ASCII-8Bit) this data should be exported. Also new is the “Tag Security”. This deals with all points around the functionalities to store a password and to (permanently) lock, unlock or destroy tags.

epop-Loq RFID Adapter für M2SmartSE

Different RFID readers with only one (base) hardware

One of the decisive factors for the use of the M2Smart®SE mobile handheld computer in the industrial RFID environment is its unique modularity. In addition to the aforementioned UHF RFID modules, which can be exchanged without tools, the Mobile Handheld Computer is also optionally equipped with an integrated HF RFID/NFC reader for a frequency range of 13.56 MHz. In addition, all available RFID readers from TSL, such as Longrange UHF-RFID, can be connected via an ePop-Loq® adapter. The aforementioned options can of course be combined with all other modules of the product family, such as keypads, handle, scanner (shortrange/midrange/longrange), etc. The Android™ Industrial+ operating system of the M2Smart®SE eliminates all critical services and functions that could lead to unwanted data exchange with third parties. The familiar usability is not restricted in any way. A fast response time for adaptations, bugs and security patches is also given. Another plus is the robust case construction as well as an enduring battery that can be changed during operation. If the “standard” RFID products do not include a suitable reader, customers always have the option of adapting individual RFID readers to their system or having them developed.

ACD offers a long-term after-sales warranty for all components, which is especially important in the industrial environment, and also eight years of service and support from Germany for hardware and software as stand-ard. Even in the development of new and follow-up components, attention is always paid to long-term compatibility with the main components. Four manufacturing sites with high vertical integration and a secure supply chain make ACD a reliable partner. Many years of experience in the development and production of portable devices as well as extensive Android™ experience with a large developer team round off the overall package. Regardless of whether it is development, production or as a partner for programming an individual application.

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