Device design of an Android HMI device developed with the Android Device Kit modular device platform.

Android Device Kit: building kit for Android™ HMI devices

Modular device platform with Android™ Industrial+

With the Android Device Kit, you can get your individual Android™ HMI quickly and risk-free. Building on our in-house Android™ Industrial+ operating system and an extensive construction kit of hardware components, the Android Device Kit makes it possible to develop the perfect Embedded Android™ System for your specific field of application. Two options are available here. The Android Device Kit Basic in combination with our M2Smart®SE and the Android Device Kit Premium.

Product information

Software benefits through Android™ Industrial+ for Android™ HMI devices

A basic component of the Android Device Kit is the safe Android™ Industrial+ operating system. The focus of this operating system is on the security-relevant aspects. Compared to the consumer version, Android™ Industrial+ offers greatly improved security as well as the important attributes of stability and long-term availability of patches and upgrades for the industrial use. The following features distinguish the extra-secure and industrial-grade Android™ operating system from ACD Elektronik.

  • Long-term availability and fast integration of security patches directly from the manufacturer in Germany
  • No disclosure of data to third parties
  • Independence of external services and customizable
  • The source code is located directly at ACD Elektronik in Germany
  • Availability of ACD standard apps and services such as ACD KioskMode, ACD KioskBrowser or ACD WebAppService
  • Development of customized apps possible
  • Customized Company Branding

Product Information

Android Device Kit Basic

The Android Device Kit Basic is the combination of M2Smart®SE as basic device plus the new development of an individual module. The Android Device Kit Basic is the fastest and the most secure way to an individual solution for your specific application. The award-winning and market-proven M2Smart®SE serves as basic device and user interface. With its patented sliding mechanism for tool-free module exchange, it is the perfect base for developing specific modules based on it. Module development is carried out in a joint development project, so that in the end you receive a module for the M2Smart®SE that is tailored to your needs. Further advantages of the Android Device Kit Basic are:

  • Basic device with a safe Android™ Industrial+ operating system
  • 5 inch TFT touch display
  • WLAN according to IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/e/i/r/k/w/v, BT-compatible short-range radio 5.0
  • On request with short-range or mid-range imager as well as a 5 MP autofocus camera
  • A variety of different module developments are thinkable
  • Greatly reduced development time thanks to the M2Smart®SE as basic device
  • Several modules can be developed for different application possibilities
  • There is also the possibility to develop further modules for the M2Smart®SE at a later point of time

Android Device Kit Premium

With the Android Device Kit Premium to the individual Android™ device. The base of the Android Device Kit Premium is our wide-ranging electronics kit paired with a large team of hardware developers and years of experience in the development of mobile Android™ HMI, such as the M2Smart® HMI. We are therefore able to offer an embedded system kit on the base of which the new development of almost any individual embedded Android™ device for a wide variety of applications are possible. The extensive construction kit of hardware components includes among others:

  • Displays in different types and sizes
  • Baseboard for CPU module, radio and GPS modules
  • ARM CPU board, pluggable
  • NXP® i.MX8M Mini, 4x Cortex A53 (4x 1.8 GHz) und 1x Cortex M4 (1x 400 MHz)
  • Different communication modules
  • GPS modules with integrated antennas
  • Radio modules with WLAN, BT-compatible short-range radio incl. RED certification
  • Integration of a wide variety of sensors/interfaces/components
  • Or completely individual components, according to your specific requirements

Android Device Kit – also an internal success story

The perfect example for finalizing an Android Device Kit project is the M2Smart®SE. In 2020, it won the IF Design Award, the German Innovation Award and the Innovation Award of the State of Baden-Württemberg and set new standards for modern handhelds with its modular design. The M2Smart®SE is based on the aforementioned Android™ Industrial+ operating system. Furthermore, it has a patented sliding mechanism, with which a tool-free module exchange can be carried out quickly and without effort. This allows the user to use one device for different processes. A variety of modules have already been developed for the M2Smart®SE, including keyboards, scanners and RFID readers. A solution for industry for safe machine operation with illuminated emergency stop and three-stage enabling switch is also already in the product portfolio.

The following power supplies and module interfaces are available when using the M2Smart®SE as the basis of the development project:

  • For lower module:
    3.3 V/200 mA
    USB 2.0
    Generated by micro-controller: RS232, I2C, SPI, ADC, PWM
  • For upper module:
    3.3 V/200 mA
    ~ 3 to 4.3 V (battery voltage)/1000 mA
    ~ 3 to 5.2 V (docking station operation)/1000 mA
    USB 2.0
    Micro-controller generated: RS232, I2C, SPI, ADC, PWM
Embedded system kit

Fields of application and possible uses of the Android Device Kit

The Android Device Kit forms the base for many application scenarios. Wherever an intuitive user interface is required, the right solution can be created from the numerous variants of the Android Device Kit. Whether as a control panel for a laboratory device, as a mobile HMI for AGVs or as an input field for a time recording system, the possibilities are unlimited and can be further extended by individual adaptations of the hardware and software.

Your benefits with ACD Elektronik as a partner

As part of the Android Device Kit, we not only supply individual components, but also a completely functioning Embedded Android™ System including a secure operating system.

Your benefits with ACD:

  • Low time to market
  • Low development risk in the development of your Android™ device by ACD as a holistic development partner
  • Great know-how in the areas of Android™ operating system and the integration of various components and drivers
  • Many years of experience in design and construction of electronic devices, systems and components
  • Support for approvals and certifications
  • Four production sites with high vertical integration
  • Extensive hardware and software support

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Android™ HMI devices: The Android Device Kit in use

m2smart hmi10

M2Smart HMI10

Wired HMI with large display for optimal visualization.

m266se pharma

M266SE Pharma

Handheld computer for special use in the pharmaceutical environment.



Personnel time recording terminal with customized visualization.

2020 10 Android Device Kit 6

Modular device platform: Android Device Kit Premium

Quickly to the customized Android™ device

Whether it’s an X-ray system or a coating thickness gauge – in addition to technical functionality, easy, logical operability is one of the factors that determine the success of technical devices.
A modular platform solution helps to develop and manufacture customer-specific, industry-suitable operator interfaces cost-efficiently.

This is where the ACD Group comes in: The german company, which specializes in industrial-grade Android™ products, has developed a modular embedded platform that allows professional users to assemble a product tailored to their requirements. Standard components provide a stable basis, while the modular system ensures sensible adaptability. The operating system used is Android™ Industrial+ – a highly secure variant of the popular operating system optimized for professional use.

Modular Android™ device building kit “Made in Germany”

The basis of the Android Device Kit Premium is the baseboard. CPU, radio and GPS modules can be plugged onto it. The CPU board is equipped with an i.MX8M mini processor from NXP, which is based on the energy-efficient ARM architecture.
Whether stationary medical technology system or mobile handheld computer: The intended use determines the required display area of the user interface. For this reason, the Android™ device building kit offers a choice of pre-qualified touch screens with diagonals of 3.5 inches, 5 inches and 10.1 inches.

Reliable wireless connectivity is provided by WLAN in accordance with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/e/i/r/k/w/v (2.4/5 GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0. A GPS module with integrated antenna can determine the location if required. In addition, the Android™ device construction kit provides further interfaces, sensors and components with which the operating solution can be further customized.

In industrial use, the focus is on data and system security as well as long-term availability. ACD has therefore decided to develop an industrial-grade version of the popular Android™ mobile operating system. Android™ Industrial+ combines system security and lifetime support with the modern user interface familiar from Android™ smartphones. It is independent of third-party providers, and all source code is held by the manufacturer in Germany. At the same time, however, it functions like a standard Android™ operating system.