Mobile Handheld Computer

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Robust all-rounders for fast and efficient work: The mobile handheld computers are developed for the daily work routine in rough environments.

Mobile Handheld Computer M270SE in a warehouse environment

Mobile Handheld Computer

Portable Devices in logistics

The open system architecture as well as the operating systems Android™ Industrial+ and Windows® ensure a holistic approach to solutions. Freely assignable function keys, integrated barcode scanners (1D, 2D, 1D-Longrange or 2D-Longrange), a drop-resistant housing, proven quick-entry keyboards as well as high-quality TFT color displays (resistive or capacitive) are an integral part. Optional extras include handles, keyboard variants, RFID (HF, LF, UHF), BT-compatible short-range radio and a camera.

Logistics all-rounder for optimized processes in warehouse – industry – incoming and outgoing goods – inventory – administration – quality assurance

Mobile Handheld Computer
Android™ as secure operating system

The mobile handheld computers serve to make a mobile workplace flexible and efficient for the employee. Most models of these portable devices are characterized by the use of the optimized Android™ system.

Android™ Industrial+ is a secure operating system where data backup is independent of Google services and no data leakage occurs. Thus ACD guarantees the data security and that no data is passed on to third parties.

The system can be adapted at any time and can be changed at customer’s request. Since all sources and developers are located in Germany, you have the advantage to communicate directly with the manufacturer. Furthermore, a long-term ability to deliver and thus high investment security is guaranteed.

Portable Scanner

The Android handheld computers are not only advantageous because of their easy handling and secure operating systems. You can also adapt them flexibly, depending on your working environment.

With models such as the backhand scanner HasciSE, a portable scanner has been found to be the optimal solution for picking small parts. The smart scanner scores with its long battery life, simple operation, light weight and the “hands-free” feature, which makes working with the handheld reader pleasant.

RFID Reader

The ergonomic scanners are equipped with RFID readers and are therefore able to use radio waves to read stored information contact-free with the RFID handheld reader.

Industry & Pharma

In addition to the standard models, there are two other special industrial scanners for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Both were developed especially for the high hygiene regulations to be used in the sensitive production areas. Both the Pharma Scanner and the Food Scanner have a barcode scanner and a QR code reading option. Both devices allow error-free scanning and offer an intelligent solution for data acquisition in the pharmaceutical and food industry.