portable and mobile handheld computer M2Smart®SE with simple module change system

Mobile Handheld Computer M2Smart®SE

Mobile handheld computer M2Smart®SE with pluggable modules

In 2020, the mobile handheld computer M2Smart®SE received the iF Design Award, the German Innovation Award and the Innovation Award of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Our animation video offers a more detailed presentation of the M2Smart®SE and its new patented modularly. Have a look!

Product Information


The mobile handheld computer M2Smart®SE received the iF Design Award, the German Innovation Award and the Innovation Award of the state of Baden-Württemberg in 2020.
ACD wins various innovation awards with the M2SmartSE

Build Your Own Device: key facts

  • Android™ Industrial+: adaptable to customer preferences
  • Customer-specific modules like keyboards, RFID reader, printer, temperature modules, grips, distance sensors, 1D scanners, 2D longrange Imagers, payment module, etc.
  • Slide mechanism to change modules without any tools
  • Patented modularity
  • 5 inch display with capazitive touch screen
  • Integrated scanner and camera
  • Quick-change battery with extra-long operating times
  • High usability
  • Different software products like EasyToConfig, etc.
  • Easy device management with different Mobile Device Manager
  • SOTI® certification
  • Intelligent device management with free-fall detection

German developer and producer: additional benefits

  • Longtime availability up to ten years
  • Inhouse service
  • Direct contact to developer, service and technical support for example
  • Longer service and support times according to Android™ Industrial+
  • Security patches and updates directly from the producer
  • RMA tool to be up-to-date with returns and repairs.
  • Extension of warranty
  • Know-How for big roll-outs

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Technical Information

All data at a glance

  • NXP® i.MX8M Mini, 4x Cortex A53 (4x 1,8 GHz) and 1x Cortex M4 (1x 400 MHz)
  • 16 GB Flash, larger memory optionally available
  • 2 GB RAM, larger memory optionally available
  • Android™ Industrial+
  • Housing: ABS / PC
  • Protection class: IP54/IP65
  • Approvals: CE, FCC, IC, SRRC
  • Device dimensions: 174 x 82 x 28 mm (L x W x D)
  • Weight: Ca. 390 g
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C bis 50 °C / -4 °F to 122 °F
  • Storage temperature: -20 °C bis 60 °C / -4 °F to 140 °
Barcode scanner (as option)
  • Integrated in housing, side scanner buttons
  • 2D shortrange Imager SE4770 (IP65) or
  • 2D midrange Imager SE4750MR (IP54)
  • 5 MP auto-focus camera with lighting
  • 5″ color TFT Display with LED backlight
  • 1280 x 720 pixels, 400 cd/m²
  • 3 status LED
  • Capacitive, surface hardness 7H
  • Side On-/Off key
Power supply
  • Quick-change rechargeable battery, li-ion with 22.8 Wh (6,000 mAh/3.8 V)
  • Docking station incl. battery charger for spare battery
  • WLAN according to IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/e/i/r/k/w/v (2,4 GHz/5 GHz) incl. BT-compatible close-range network 5.0
  • WLAN Security: WLAN Security:WEP, WPA, IEEE802.11i (Personal and Enterprise), WPA2, WPA2-PSK, 802.11x: authentication
  • Integrated HF-RFID/NFC Reader, 13,56 MHz
  • Various software products such as EasyToConfig
  • ACD EasyToConnect 2.0 for easy pairing with the HasciSE backhand scanner
  • SOTI® certification

Produkt Equipment


Dockingstation DS2Smart

DS2Smart® charging and transmission box

For charging the M2Smart®SE as well as a replacement rechargeable battery, with Ethernet and USB-Host interface.

Dockingstation DS2Smart

DS2Smart® charging box

For charging the M2Smart®SE as well as a replacement rechargeable battery.

DS2Smart Developerbox

DS2Smart® Developer box

Housing with LED Display for charging the M2Smart®SE, as well as charging a replacement battery, incl. led out USB cable for connection with a PC.

DS2Battery Charging box 2-fold

DS2Battery Charging box 2-fold

Housing with LED indicators for charging two spare batteries of the M2Smart®SE.

Ersatzakku plus

Replacement Battery Plus

Replacement Battery Plus (quick change battery with 22,8 Wh) for the Mobile Handheld Computer M2Smart®SE.

Module M2Key16 Logistics

M2Key16 Logistic

Attachable hard-shell keyboard with 16 keys as lower plug-on module for the M2Smart®SE, can be changed without tools.

M2Longange scanner module


Attachable longrange scanner module (SE4850) as upper plug-on module, changing without tools.


M2UHF-RFID Midrange

Pluggable UHF-RFID Midrange Module (ETSI, FCC/IC, SRRC) for reading and writing UHF-RFID tags as upper plug-on module for the M2Smart®SE, read range up to 6 meters, changing without tools.


M2Logistics protection caps

Logistics protection cap set for the default delivered top and bottom plug-in module of the M2Smart®SE in order to increase fall protection.

Module M2Grip5 Configurator


Handle for the M2Smart®SE incl. scanner button. Easy attachment and removal without tools is possible.

Module M2Grip5 Configurator

M2Grip5 SE

Handle for the M2Smart®SE incl. scanner button. Easy attachment and removal without tools is possible.


Bag with closure tab

Bag made of black fabric material with Velcro element for fixing the M2Smart®SE incl. swivel clip for fastening to the belt/waistband.

M2SmartSE bag for devices with handle


Bag made of black fabric material with Velcro element for fixing the M2Smart®SE for fastening to the belt/waistband.

M2SmartSE holster bag

Holster bag

Holster made of black fabric material for the M2Smart®SE incl. snaps for attachment to the belt. Suitable for devices with grip.

Kapazitiver Touchstift

Capacitive touch pen

Capacitive touch pen (length approx. 11 cm; diameter approx. 0.6 cm) for easy operation of the M2Smart®SE.

m2smart se accessories display protection film low reflection

M2Smart®SE display protection film 5 inch / low reflection

Low-reflection screen protector protects the display of the M2Smart®SE 5 inch.

m2smart se accessories display protection film

M2Smart®SE display protection film 5 inch

Display protection film protects the display of the M2Smart®SE 5 inch.


M2Smart®SE Holder incl. RAM Mount

Spring-loaded holder incl. RAM Mount (143 mm arm) for mounting the M2Smart®SE or M2Smart®SE with M2Key16 Logistics Module


Vehicle Holster Bag

Vehicle holster bag for the M2Smart®SE or the M2Smart®SE with M2Key16 logistics module (with and without handle), which can be attached to a pillar on the vehicle.

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M2Smart®SE: Familiar modularity with technical upgrade

Upgrade to the new operating system Android™ Industrial+

The solution patented by ACD, as well as the modularity and standard interfaces allow many plug-in modules, such as handles, RFID readers, distance sensors, temperature modules, scanners (Shortrange/Midrange/Longrange) and different keyboard versions. The mentioned plug-in modules, as well as many other modules, can also be customized and implemented. The individual modules can be changed at any time without tools via the plug-in-sliding mechanism, thus enabling very efficient, economical and flexible work; whether in the branch, in the incoming goods department in logistics in various industrial sectors. The modularity is still unique on the market.

Software upgrade to Android™ Industrial+

In combination with a more powerful NXP® processor, the M2Smart®SE with Android™ Industrial+ offers an enormous increase in performance and speed. All other advantages of the proven Android™ Industrial+ platform will of course remain: A modern user interface familiar from Android smartphones, together with the high quality of the German manufacturer. In contrast to the competition, which often relies on products from Asian manufacturers, Android™ Industrial+ can be specifically adapted to customer requirements at any time. Android™ Industrial+ is a very secure operating system that operates 100% independently of Google services and where the security of customer data is a top priority. The sources are located at the manufacturer in Germany, which guarantees a long-term ability to deliver and thus a high investment security. The simple app programming and special ACD Android™ Apps, such as EasyToConfig for easy setup and configuration of mobile devices, enables cross-process application at the customer’s site. ACD also offers an extended security and update service. The advantage of communicating directly and easily with the German manufacturer is irreplaceable and unique on the market.