Mobile HMI devices with functional safety

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Modular devices with emergency stop and enabling switch for industrial applications with functional safety for wired and wireless machine operation.

2023 05 M2Smart HMI10 FTF

HMI devices

Mobile HMI devices

Mobile HMI devices are ACD’s specially designed operator panels with an emergency stop and three-stage enabling switch. This ensures the functional safety for wireless machine operation for industrial applications.

Mobile HMI: M2Smart® HMI5

The M2Smart® HMI5 is a modular device for industrial applications and received the iF Design Award in 2020, as well as the German Innovation Award. The device is powered by the very safe Android™ Industrial+ operating system and is customizable. It has a sliding mechanism for replacing a wide variety of modules without tools. This sliding mechanism is patented and can only be used for customized modules.

Maximum security: This version of the M2Smart® HMI5 emphasizes the convenient usability of a smartphone. With the M2Not-Halt5 add-on module, safe and wireless machine operation is guaranteed here.

Mobile HMI: M2Smart® HMI10

Via the “functionally safe” radio connection, the M2Smart®HMI10 makes it possible to meet the high requirements in terms of safety equipment of a machine even with a wireless operating system. Both the emergency stop button (M2Not-Halt10), which is obligatory in this environment, and a three-stage enabling button (M2Zustimm10) are located directly on the Mobile Handheld Computer. The corresponding signals are packaged in an encrypted “data packet” and transmitted to the M2Smart® Gateway via a Black Channel using Bluetooth.