Mobile Workstations

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Saves travel time and makes IT equipment mobile. The mobile workstations are particularly suitable for flexible data acquisition and independent work in the entire warehouse environment.

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Mobile Workstation

Mobile workstation in goods receiving

The extremely robust design and the flexible modular system ensure a needs-based and process-optimised workstation, independent of the power supply network for: Entire warehouse environment – Goods receipt/issue – Quality assurance – Inventory

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Mobile Workstations

The ACD Elektronik GmbH developed the mobile workstation MAX with which the flexible working in the whole warehouse environment is improved.

Mobile Workstation MAX

ACD’s mobile workstations are suitable for quality assurance and incoming and outgoing goods. The standing workstations function independently of the power supply system and thus save unnecessary walking. The extremely robust aluminium design and the flexible modular system ensure a process-optimized and demand-oriented workplace.


The mobile PC workstations are available in 4 basic versions. The standard version (STD) MAX, the MAX Li-Ion with integrated battery, the MAX TK designed for freezer use and the smallest model with the lowest power, the MAX 200. The standard version MAX has 2 more variations, the MAX BWS with integrated battery changing tray and the MAX BWS-R with a battery changing system on wheels. All versions of the MAX family have the necessary approvals for the USA and Europe.


Each workstation has various equipment options. The respective accessories are simply selected using a modular principle and the workstation is thus individually adapted. Customer-specific special designs round off the MAX kit as an optimal companion for warehouse logistics. The various equipment options include, for example: A mobile printing station, shelves, drawers, monitor holders, scanner holders, a BT-compatible short-range radio, data radio according to GSM and others.

Powerful lithium-ion battery

With the PowerBox PB 300 Li-ion, ACD has developed a mobile power supply that is compatible with all types of carts.
The battery is independent of the mains power supply and is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery. This has a running time of up to 8 hours and only requires short charging cycles of up to 4 hours to be fully recharged. Intermediate charges are possible at any time, for example during breaks. In addition, the battery is maintenance-free and therefore has a longer life than conventional lead batteries.