Mobile Workstations for independent work

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Saves travel time and makes IT equipment mobile. The mobile workstations are particularly suitable for flexible data acquisition and independent work in the entire warehouse environment.

Mobile Workstation MAX

Mobile Workstation – Mobile and ergonomic throughout the warehouse

To improve the flexibility of work throughout the warehouse, ACD Elektronik GmbH has developed the MAX Mobile Workstation.

Powered by a powerful lithium-ion or lead-acid (AGM) battery, our mobile workstation MAX made of sheet steel and aluminum operates completely self-sufficiently. Working in a standing position with complete freedom of movement at the workstation without being connected to the power supply is a great advantage. Robust, ergonomic and customizable, the Mobile Workstation offers a wide range of modular accessories for greater ease of use and optimum productivity.

A mobile workstation especially designed for warehouse logistics and incoming goods

Our industrial-grade mobile workstations are especially suited for flexible data collection in logistics and independent work in the warehouse. With our mobile workstations, movements within logistics processes are optimized for greater agility and productivity.

A professional tool for warehouse and goods management

On-site, our mobile workstation is designed to facilitate all day-to-day logistics operations throughout the warehouse or distribution center:

  • Goods receipt and goods issue posting
  • Preparation and follow-up of orders
  • Returns management
  • Quality control and traceability
  • inventory
  • Etc.

The MAX mobile workstation increases productivity and improves work organization

Our mobile workstation MAX operates completely independent of a power supply. Mounted on casters, in professional quality, their mobility avoids unnecessary travel between the goods to be checked at point A and a computer station or fixed terminal at point B. Thus, our mobile workstations accompany your employees and contribute to the reduction of data entry errors through automatic data collection.

Thanks to a modular system and numerous accessories, each mobile workstation can be customized and configured to ensure maximum flexibility and agility in the work environment. The mobile workstation offers a significant productivity gain for your team and also facilitates the overall organization of work, processes and space:

  • Reduced and facilitated travel
  • Savings in time and energy
  • Better individual and collective productivity
  • Simplified and fluid processes
  • Simplified and fluid processes
  • Great flexibility in the organization of work and the design of spaces

A mobile workstation used in many sectors

Whether in warehouses, factories, stores or workshops, our mobile workstation is suitable for all types of logistics, industrial and commercial areas.

Extremely reliable and customizable, it meets the specifications and requirements specific to warehouse work while allowing you to carry Mobile Handheld Computers and other IT equipment needed on the premises.

Thus, our mobile workstation has proven itself in many fields, such as industrial, intralogistics, retail and wholesale, pharmaceutical and many applications that have a strong logistic dimension with a high degree of inventory and goods flow management.

An autonomous, flexible and ergonomic mobile workstation

On our mobile workstations, everything is planned down to the smallest detail for optimal professional use.

Powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery or a lead-acid battery (AGM), our mobile workstation made of sheet steel and aluminum allows you to work completely autonomously in the warehouse for a whole day without having to be connected to the mains. Height-adjustable and customizable thanks to numerous modular features, your mobile workstation can be adapted to the exact needs of each order, environment and employee.

A powerful lithium-ion battery powers our PowerBox, for great autonomy at work, with mobile energy

With the PowerBox PB300 Li-Ion, ACD Group has developed for you a mobile power supply compatible with all types of trolleys, mesh trolleys and mobile workstations. The powerful lithium-ion battery is independent of the mains power supply. You can connect all your IT equipment such as terminals, scanners, monitors, printers and other electronic devices to it.

With an operating time of up to eight hours, the PowerBox PB300 Li-Ion requires only short charging cycles (four hours to fully charge an empty battery). Intermediate charges are possible at any time – especially in the context of multi-shift operation – e.g. during breaks. In addition, this robust battery is maintenance-free and has a much longer service life than conventional lead-acid batteries.

Numerous accessories for a fully equipped and customizable mobile workplace

Each mobile workstation has numerous equipment options for complete customization. Accessories are individually selected and assembled according to a modular principle so that the mobile workstation can be perfectly adapted to the application, the user and the environment.

Special designs and models for special customer requirements round off the range of mobile workstations. The various equipment options include, for example :

  • Printers
  • Supports, pull-outs, worktops in different sizes
  • Drawers, with or without lock
  • Mounts for monitor or forklift terminals
  • Scanners
  • Magnetic waste garbage cans
  • Pen or cup holders
  • and many other useful accessories…

Various types of industrial-grade casters are available for your mobile workstation, which are extremely sturdy and can support heavy loads. With these casters, including locking brakes, you will enjoy smooth movement and effortless 360-degree freedom of movement.

Our range of mobile workstations

All MAX family mobile workstations are available in a variety of versions. In compliance with safety standards and work regulations, all mobile workstations have the necessary approvals for Europe and the USA. Learn more:

  • the MAX STD standard version
  • the MAX Li-Ion with a powerful Li-Ion battery pack
  • the MAX BWS with a battery changing system
  • the MAX BWS-R with a battery changing system on rollers
  • the MAX TK for use in refrigerated storage and deep-freeze areas
  • the MAX 200, a smaller and more maneuverable model