PowerBox PB300 Li-Ion

PowerBox PB300 Li-Ion: for more flexibility in logistics environments

Equipped with a sturdy housing, a practical handle and a power supply that lasts for an entire shift, the PB300 Li-Ion is your perfect companion: light, ergonomic and easy to handle. That makes the PowerBox PB300 Li-Ion especially well suited as a reliable, mobile energy supply in logistics environments, incoming and outgoing goods, quality assurance or for stocktaking processes.

Product Information

PowerBox PB300 Li-Ion

PowerBox PB300 Li-Ion: some key data

  • Independent of the power grid
  • Maintenance-free, powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Sturdy housing with practical handle
  • Long battery runtime (over eight hours)
  • Very short charge cycles (four hours)
  • Booster charges are possible (during breaks, etc.)
  • Low weight
  • Different power connections (230 V AC, 24 V DC) for mobile energy supply of forklift terminals, monitors, laptops, ThinClients, scanners and printers, etc.
  • CE approvals and FI circuit breaker for increased working safety and personal protection

PB300 PowerBox Li-Ion: possible application areas

  • Turns any vehicle into a mobile print station
  • Can be used with all standard vehicles such as order picking carts and mesh carts and on permanently installed workstations and work tables

Technical Data

All data at a glance

Basic structure
  • Sturdy steel frame in anthracite with side carrying handles
  • Easy to transport and move with ergonomic handles
  • Low center of gravity for excellent stability
  • Dimensions: 314 x 316 x 431 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Temperature range: 0° C to 40° C/32 °F to 104 °F
Connection options
  • 1x 230 V AC
  • 1x 24 V DC (optional)
  • 2x USB-A (5 V/2,1 A)
  • OnBoard charger 15 A
  • 1x Lithium-iron phosphate battery 12,8 V/60 Ah (maintenance-free)
  • Integrated battery management system for cell balancing and monitoring function
  • Audio and visual warning for low charge state
  • Residual current circuit breaker (RCD)
  • DC/DC converter (12 V DC to 24 V DC)
  • Bluetooth lithium-ion module

Product Equipment


Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth modul Li-Ions

Bluetooth modul Li-Ions

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Mobile PowerBox PB300 Li-Ion

For mobile printing stations and more flexibility in the logistics environment

The PowerBox PB300 Li-Ion with Li-Ion technology is a secure, mobile power supply in the logistics environment. With the help of the PB300 Li-ion, any trolley can easily be converted into a mobile printing station. The secure PB300 Li-ion provides more flexibility in the warehouse, saves travel time and makes IT equipment mobile. A maintenance-free lithium-ion battery ensures optimum performance and makes the PowerBox the ideal companion within the logistics environment. The PB300 Li-ion not only enables intermediate charging (e.g. during breaks) and very short charging cycles; it is also lightweight and therefore multifunctional. In contrast to widespread, openly constructed safety-critical solutions which are neither certified nor approved, the PowerBox PB300 Li-ion with CE approvals and residual current circuit-breaker places particular emphasis on occupational and personal safety. The user is protected against residual currents, thus ensuring full safety.

Independent operation

Whether in warehouse logistics, quality assurance, during inventories or in incoming and outgoing goods, the PB300 Li-ion works independently of the power grid, thus saving unnecessary walking distances. With a robust housing, a practical handle and a power supply that allows flexible working for over eight hours, the PB300 Li-ion is the perfect companion: light, ergonomic and easy to handle. The various power connections (230 V AC, 24 V DC) including battery controller guarantee a mobile and flexible power supply for forklift terminals, monitors, laptops, thin clients, scanners, printers and other IT equipment. The PowerBox can be placed on all standard trolleys, such as order picking and grid trolleys, as well as on permanently installed workstations and work tables. The PowerBox delivers its full performance especially in storage areas where power is not available.