Mobile wound documentation

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Mobile devices for automatic recording and documentation of wounds. The mobile devices are suitable for hospitals, in-patient facilities, out-patient services, as well as wound and medical care centers and facilitate your daily work routine.

Mobile wound documentation imagis

Wound Description

Wound documentation in outpatient care

Imagis mobile wound documentation reduces the administrative effort in the acquisition, documentation and archiving of wounds, which saves a lot of time at the same time. This improves the completeness and quality of wound documentation.

Even before the actual acquisition, the device allocates the image material to the patient by Imagis. Via the touch screen the nurse is able to determine the wound location in the image. All important values such as circumference, area, width and height of the wound are automatically calculated and stored. The recorded data is then securely transferred to the PC via the docking station. The software archives the data directly and transmits them via HL7 interface to an external HIS system.

Simplification of work and quality assurance

Imagis offers the advantage of contactless wound measurement, direct documentation and continuous control of the wound course by exact data acquisition.

Patient data is secure at any time

In order to use the mobile wound management system, the nurse must first log in with a password. If the Mobile Miracle Capture device is unused for a longer period of time, it switches off automatically and requires the password to be re-entered when it is switched on. This ensures that unauthorized persons are denied access to patient data. The special interface thus completely excludes data theft. This is because the information can only be transferred via a special docking station. A post-processing of the images and notes on the PC is possible at any time through practice software for doctors.

In addition to the photos, all measurement data is also transmitted, which is recorded by the terminal’s integrated distance sensor. Imagis can be connected to various planning programs, but can also perform the management and archiving of the stored data itself. On request, the software generates statistics as well as the course of the wound data on the basis of the documents.

Robust and practical in everyday care

No extensive training is required to use the wound description terminal: The colored keys and a menu that guides the user step by step through the operation ensure uncomplicated operation. The position of the wound can be clearly localized, since the corresponding location on the image of the entire body on the monitor only needs to be tapped. The robust housing with integrated rubber protection guarantees high durability even with frequent use.