Modular device platform with Android™ Industrial+

Embedded Building Kit

Customizable for your products.
Develop your customized operating device based on our embedded platform!

Product Information

Embedded Building Kit

We offer the possibility to build a customizable industrial platform based on our mobile devices and the Android™ Industrial+ operating system. From us you get full support (software, hardware, design, approvals, etc.), many years of experience in the development and production of mobile devices as well as extensive Android™ experience with a large developer team. With our four manufacturing sites with high vertical integration and a secure supply chain, we are your reliable partner for the development of your mobile operating device.

Rendering Embedded Building Kit
Choose from our construction kit to quickly and specifically develop your own mobile operating device:
  • Android™ Industrial+, version 9.0;  where the main focus is on the security aspects
  • Three display sizes (3.5, 4.8 and 10.1 inch)
  • Baseboard for CPU module, radio and GPS modules
  • ARM CPU board, pluggable
  • NXP® i.MX8M Mini, 4x Cortex A53 (4x 1,8 GHz) und 1x Cortex M4 (1x 400 MHz)
  • GPS module with integrated antenna
  • WLAN/BT compatible short-range radio/Ethernet
  • Radio module with WLAN, Bluetooth incl. RED certification
  • Integration of a wide variety of sensors/interfaces/components
  • Or completely customized according to your requirements!

We deliver not only individual components, but a complete functioning system including secure operating system.

Your advantages with ACD

  • Low time-to-market
  • Low development risk with ACD as a holistic development partner
  • Great know-how in Android™ operating system, integration of various components and drivers
  • Long experience in design and construction of mobile devices
  • Support in approvals and certifications
  • Four manufacturing sites with high vertical integration
  • Extensive hardware and software support

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Modular device platform: Android™ Industrial+ embedded construction kit

Quickly to the customized embedded user interface

Whether it’s an X-ray system or a coating thickness gauge – in addition to technical functionality, easy, logical operability is one of the factors that determine the success of technical devices.
A modular platform solution helps to develop and manufacture customer-specific, industry-suitable operator interfaces cost-efficiently.

This is where the ACD Group comes in: The German company, which specializes in industrial-grade, mobile operating solutions, has developed a modular embedded platform that allows professional users to assemble an operating unit tailored to their requirements. Standard components provide a stable basis, while the modular system ensures sensible adaptability. The operating system used is Android™ Industrial+ – a highly secure variant of the popular mobile OS optimized for professional use.

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Modular handheld system “Made in Germany

The basis of the industrial platform is the baseboard. CPU, radio and GPS modules can be plugged onto it. The CPU board is equipped with an i.MX8M mini processor from NXP, which is based on the energy-efficient ARM architecture.
Whether stationary medical technology system or mobile handheld computer: The intended use determines the required display area of the user interface. For this reason, the embedded modular system offers a choice of touch screens with diagonals of 3.5 inches, 4.8 inches and 10.1 inches.

Reliable wireless connectivity is provided by WLAN in accordance with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/e/i/r/w/v (2.4/5 GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0. A GPS module with integrated antenna can determine the location if required. In addition, the embedded construction kit provides further interfaces, sensors and components with which the operating solution can be further customized.

In industrial use, the focus is on data and system security as well as long-term availability. ACD has therefore decided to develop an industrial-grade version of the popular Android™ mobile operating system. Android™ Industrial+ combines system security and lifetime support with the modern user interface familiar from Android™ smartphones. It is independent of Google, and all source code is held by the manufacturer in Germany. At the same time, however, it functions like a standard Android operating system.