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Customisations and new developments

OEM/Customized – Electronics development

On the basis of our technological platform or devices, we offer every form of customer-specific adaptation as well as the complete new development. Here we support you with the simple application of customer logos up to complex system developments or subsystems.

product information

OEM/Customized – Electronics development


  • Adaptations of existing devices and apps to customer designs: “OEMization”
  • New development of components, devices and systems
  • Electronics hardware development
  • PCB Layout
  • Software development: embedded, operating systems and apps
  • Product design
  • Mechanics design
  • Test and qualification in-house
  • Worldwide certification and approval


  • Solidworks
  • OrCAD / CADstar
  • Various 3D Printer
  • ACD own EMC measurement chamber
  • Antenna measuring station
  • High tech WiFi and Bluetooth measurement equipment incl. roaming systems
  • Android™, Linux, Java, Windows® and Embedded Development environments