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Secure operating system
Independent from external services
Data security
Optimiertes Android Betriebssystem


Optimized Android™ operating system for high data security

Convince yourself now of our secure and long-standing operating system – independent of external services and individually customizable!

German Innovation Award

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The Android™ Industrial+ features a very secure operating system optimized by ACD for all ACD mobile devices. The sources of the operating system are located at ACD in Germany.

German Innovation Award


Security “Made in Germany

Keine Weitergabe von Daten

No disclosure of data to third parties

No data migration and a high level of data security due to independence from third parties. All external services and accesses are removed from the source code.

Security Patches

Security patches directly from the manufacturer from Germany

Fast integration of important and relevant security patches.

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Your advantages

Strong individualization adapted to your processes

Development power with over 40 years of market experience

  • Fast and direct contact with developers
  • Individual basic configuration for your devices
  • Design adapted to your corporate identity
  • ACD as a holistic partner

ACD Apps

Pre-built ACD apps for optimal workflow

Vorgefertigte ACD Apps für einen optimalen Workflow
2022 07 ACD EasyToConfig CMYK font black
202308 ACD EasyToConfig CMYK font orange

… is a software product for easy setup and configuration of Mobile Handheld Computers. Furthermore, a performed initial setup can be transferred to other devices.

2022 07 ACD KioskMode CMYK font black
202308 ACD KioskMode CMYK font orange

… is a software product with which it can be ensured that the user can only access certain apps.

2022 07 ACD SystemApp CMYK font black
202308 ACD SystemApp CMYK font orange

… is a software product for displaying relevant system information of Mobile Handheld Computers.

Optimiertes Android Betriebssystem

Many more apps are available and expandable by any Android™ app.

Mobile device manager

Easy to connect thanks to standardized interfaces

Nutzen Sie gängige Mobile Device Manager

Use common mobile device managers

We offer all standard Android™ interfaces to enable the use of common mobile device managers without any problems.

ACD - Ein Partner auf Lebenszeit

Long-term support

ACD – A partner for life

Software Patches und Support

Regular security patches, upgrade of Android™ versions and long-term support for older Android™ versions.

Long-term availability of the hardware

Unlike consumer products, our mobile devices and spare parts continue to be available up to eight years after delivery.


Optimized for your application


Goods Management

The mobile devices with Android™ Industrial+ are used for mobile data acquisition and impress with their simple, intuitive operation.



Android™ Industrial+ adapts to the application and can be used regardless of the industry.

Funktionale Sicherheit

Functional safety

In the area of functional and safe operation, mobile devices with Android™ Industrial+ are ideally suited for industrial applications, e.g. for wireless machine operation.


Your contact for individual system solutions

Our focus: Development and production of mobile devices for a wide range of industries. +49 7392 708-499

Our service

You will find our Android™ Industrial+ operating system in these products

Mobile devices with Android™ Industrial+ are used for flexible and mobile data acquisition. They impress with their familiar simple, intuitive operation and increased durability; even under the most adverse conditions. All devices can be customized on request.

Mobile Handheld Computer

Mobile Handheld Computer

Product selection

Backhand scanner HasciSE


Backhand scanner, Voice-Client

2023 02 M2Smart Hmi 10 Radio 1 e1676469692708

Mobile HMI devices

with functional safety





Android Device Kit

at Android™ Industrial+

2021 02 MFT1x Zeichnung e1675342245465


Electronics development

Mobile Handheld M2SmartSE

Secure Android™ Operating System: Android™ Industrial+

Ease of use meets security

The mobile ACD devices are now also available with the operating system Android™ Industrial+. The advantages are clearly obvious: A modern user guidance accustomed by Android™ Smartphones, together with the quality and reliability of the German developer and manufacturer!
But what really distinguishes Android™ Industrial+ and makes it so unique compared to the conventional Android™ versions? Android™ Industrial+ is a very secure operating system optimized by ACD Elektronik GmbH for the mobile handheld computers M2Smart®SE, M270, M260TE, M266SE and the vehicle mount terminals of the MFT1x series. The complete Android™ sources of the operating system are with the manufacturer in Germany. ACD assures customers that data security is guaranteed without restriction and that no data will be transferred to third parties. The Android™ Industrial+ is a very secure Android™ which is available for many years and acts 100 percent independent of external services.

The advantages of Android™ Industrial+ in detail

In contrast to all competitors, who often rely on products from Asian manufacturers, the Android™ Industrial+ version of the ACD can be customized at any time, since all sources are located at the developer and manufacturer in Germany. At the same time, a fast reaction time is possible for adaptations, bugs and security patches.
The Android™ Industrial+ is a very secure operating system. The high data security is guaranteed by the 100% independence from external services; there is no data leakage. In addition, ACD offers an extended security and update service over the entire product life cycle for security patches and bugs. Fast integration and distribution of security patches as well as security and support for no longer supported Android™ versions is also provided.
Comprehensive service and support services complete the package. The advantage of communicating directly, uncomplicatedly and without language barriers with the German manufacturer (if necessary also directly with the Android™ developer team) is irreplaceable and unique on the market.