Front view vehicle mount terminal MFT10SE with 10.4″ display, high performance processor and Windows operating system

Vehicle Mount Terminal MFT10SE

MFT10SE Vehicle Terminal with 10.4″ display and new processor

The vehicle mount terminals of the MFT1xSE series for order picking vehicles ensure optimised processes in the warehouse, in logistics, in incoming and outgoing goods or in industry. Thanks to the robust construction, the vehicle terminals are suitable for indoor and outdoor use as well as for deep-freeze areas. The 10.4 inch touch screen of the MFT10SE offers plenty of space for visualisation. The MFT10SE convinces with intuitive operation and is optimally suited for demanding logistics applications.

Product Information

Vehicle Mount Terminal MFT10SE

The MFT10SE Vehicle Terminal features the following key data:

  • Stable aluminum housing
  • Extremely robust display made of chemically hardened carrier glass
  • Suitable for deep-freeze, indoor and outdoor use
  • Large 10.4″ TFT colour display for optimal visualisation
  • Resistive touchscreen for easy operation, even with gloves on
  • Secure and solid operating system Windows® and IGEL OS
  • Power interruptions bridged by integrated rechargeable battery
  • Flexible connection options: USB 2.0/3.0, RS232
  • Countless options: integrated rechargeable battery, various mounting brackets, keyboard variants
  • Compatible with backhand scanner HasciSE

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Vechicle Mount Terminal MFT1x
Kommissionierung im Lager mit dem Staplerterminal MFT12

Technical Data

All data at a glance

  • Processor: Intel Atom QuadCore up to 4x 1.8 GHz (x5-E3940, Apollo Lake)
  • Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise, Windows® 11 IoT Enterprise or IGEL OS
  • Memory for Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise and IGEL OS:
    4 GB RAM, 64 GB Flash – optionally 8 GB RAM, 128 GB Flash
  • Memory for Windows® 11 IoT Enterprise:
    8 GB RAM, 64 GB Flash – optionally 128 GB Flash
  • BIOS: UEFI BIOS, update-capable, bootable from LAN or USB as standard
  • Housing: Aluminium, powder-coated
  • Protection class: IP54 (optional IP65)
  • Resilience: Shock and Vibration according to EN 60068-2 Part -6, -27
  • Device dimensions: 270 x 235 x 62 mm (W x H x D), without accossories
  • Weight: Ca. 2.8 kg, without accessories
  • Operation temperature: -30 °C up to 45 °C/-22 °F to 113 °F
  • Storage temperature: -30 °C up to 70 °C/-22 °F to 158 °F
  • Relative humidity: 5 % to 95 % (in operation), non-condensing
  • Ethernet 100-BaseT/10-BaseT Autoswitch
  • RS232
  • 1 x USB 3.0
  • 3 x USB 2.0
  • Integrated speaker in speech output quality
  • Audio output/microphone input via jack plugs
  • WLAN according to IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax/k/v/r/x
    (WiFi6E; 2.4 GHz/5 GHz/6 GHz) incl. BT-compatible close-range network 5.3
  • WLAN Security: WPA, IEEE802.11i (Personal and Enterprise), WPA2, WPA2-PSK 802.1x: PEAP-MSCHAPv2, PEAP-GTC, PEAP-TLS, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-FAST, LEAP
  • Integrated battery for up to 1.5 hours of operation
  • 10.4″ color TFT display SVGA with LED backlight, 800 x 600 pixels, 400 cd/m², resistive
  • 10.4″ color TFT display XGA with LED backlight, 1024 x 768 pixels, 350 cd/m², capacitive
  • EasyToPush: Cable- and battery-free pushbutton that can be used in conjunction with the ACD EasyToPush app. This eliminates the need for complex wiring, such as for external pushbuttons
  • SOTI® MobiControl; more about SOTI® MobiControl
  • 10.4″ color TFT display XGA with LED backlight,
    1024 x 768 pixels, 350 cd/m², 2 Status LEDs
  • Touchscreen: Resistive, minimum surface hardness of 3H
  • With robust, chemically hardened beaming glass
  • Integarted graphic unit, DirectX12 support
  • Virtual on-screen keyboard
  • 5 freely programmable function keys
Power supply
  • 8.5 V to 72 V DC (electrically isolated)
Special features
  • Integrated battery for up to 1.5 hours of operation
  • 2 integrated antennae
  • Fan-less design
  • Device start-up and shutdown via freely definable function keys (ATX function) and via ignition
  • Sunlight readable
  • Various accessories (mounting kits, external keyboards, quick exchange system, HasciSE)

Product Equipment


MFT Power Pack

Power pack

Power pack 24VDC 3A with SubD plug connection cable.

MFT15 Cable

Voltage Supply Cable (3 wired)

Voltage Supply Cable (3 wired).

MFT1x Mounting Kit

Mounting kit flat Standard

Flat mounting device for fixing the terminal on a vehicle. Including board voltage cable.

MFT1xx Max Mounting Kit

Mounting kit RAM Mount

Mounting device RAM Mount for fixing the terminal on a vehicle. Vertical and horizontal mounting is possible.

MFT1x Mounting Kit

Mounting kit flat Quick Change System

Mounting kit flat Quick Change System.

MFT10 Fast Change System

Mounting kit RAM Mount Quick Change System

Mounting kit RAM Mount Quick Change System.

MFT1x Mounting kit RAM Mount with holding clip

Mounting kit RAM Mount with retaining clip

Vehicle mount RAM Mount for mounting the terminal MFT1xSE. Possibility of vertical and horizontal adjustment.

MFT Fast Change WIre

Quick Change System Power Supply Cable (3 wire)

Quick Change System Power Supply Cable (3 wire).

Fast Change Adapter

Quick Change System Adapter (3 wire)

Quick Change System Adapter (3 wire).

2023-07_Adapterbügel SE

Adapter bracket

Adapter bracket.

2023-07_Montagekit Adapterbügel SE

Mounting kit Adapter bracket

Adapter bracket incl. mounting kit for mounting the MFT1xSE to a MFT9xx mounting bracket.

Keyboard Mounting Device

MFT1x Keyboard Mounting Device – without keyboard

Robust mounting device made of metal for placing an external ML keyboard.
Consisting of mounting device and mounting plate.

Keyboard Black

ML Keyboard black

ML Keyboard black.

Sideward Keybaord

Sideward Keyboard with USB-Hub

MFT1xSE sideward Keyboard with USB-Hub.

Sideward Keybaord

Sideward Keyboard without USB-Hub

MFT1xSE sideward Keyboard without USB-Hub.

Mounting Kit MFT10

Mounting Kit for sideward Keyboard

Mounting Kit for MFT1xSE sideward Keyboard.

Interface cover IP65

Interface cover IP65

Interface cover to increase the protection class to IP65.

Spout Set

Spout Set

Spout Set for interface cover IP65.

Strain Relief

Strain relief

Optional cable strain relief for rear mounting on the MFT1xSE (IP65 variant). The strain relief is mounted instead of the interface cover. The effects on the MFT1xSE IP protection class must be observed.

MFT10 screen protector for resistive touch screen

Screen protector for resistive touch screen

For an optimal display protection of the vehicle mount terminal.

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Forklift terminal MFT1xSE with Windows operating system used in the deep-freeze sector

Rugged Vehicle Mount Terminal with high-performance processor for warehouses and logistics

Vehicle Mount Terminal MFT10SE

Our Vehicle Mount Terminal MFT10SE with high-performance processor increases the efficiency of work processes in the warehouse and in logistics. At the same time, the vehicle terminal ensures a high level of operational safety. The terminal for order-picking vehicles is characterised by a particularly high degree of flexibility:

The MFT10SE is suitable for any forklift truck, any vehicle and companies in any industry. In addition, the forklift terminal can be optimally adapted to individual requirements and expanded with further accessories, such as additional keyboards or vehicle mounts. In this way, everyday work and all tasks can be dealed even more efficiently and comfortably.

The sturdy aluminium housing makes the terminal extremely resistant. Due to its robust construction and IP65 protection, the MFT10SE is perfectly suited for use in indoor, outdoor and deep-freeze areas. The vehicle terminal can always be relied on even under strong environmental influences, harsh conditions and in the low temperature range of up to -30 °C. The integrated energy buffer can bridge short-term power failures.

The 10.4 inch display with resistive touch screen guarantees a high level of comfort, allowing the forklift terminal to be operated comfortably even when wearing gloves. In addition, the display is easy to read thanks to optimum screen brightness – even in direct sunlight. With the vehicle mount terminal, work can be done even more efficiently and reliably and data can be recorded directly where it is received.

The mobile backhand scanner HasciSE is the perfect complement, capturing data reliably and, above all, hands-free.