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Case Study “Mobile Workstation MAX” at Simplehuman (UK)
MAX has saved 20 % of admin and operator process time for Outbound goods.


PDF_Icon Handheld Data Terminal M160: Small and Compact for Every Logistics Need: There were several reasons for deciding in favor of the M160 mobile terminal from ACD: The company was already “familiar” with the product from its predecessor and was confident of its system compatibility and reliability. Another plus worth mentioning is the large keyboard. A further reason for the decision was the fact that the replacement batteries for the old devices can also be used for the M160, thus eliminating the need for a follow-up investment. Independently of the product, the proximity of ACD to the customer was also a decisive advantage. Especially positive points include on-site service, fast repair times and short response times.


PDF_Icon Mobile Workstation MAX 200 – a Successor for Worn-out Roll Carts Had to Be Found:After about seven months of planning, production and delivery, EDEKA in Northern Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia has now been using the mobile workstations successfully in Incoming Goods since the beginning of 2017. The MAX 200 also has a terminal installed on it with which incoming goods can be received and booked directly in the warehouse management system. “The portable workstation provides excellent mobility. The MAX 200 is significantly lighter and less bulky than our previous solution. This gives great mobility and flexibility to employee in Incoming Goods. The MAX 200 is also significantly sturdier due to the aluminum/metal construction.”


PDF_Icon Mobile Workstation MAX: State of the Art in the New Goldhofer Logistics Center: Considerably fewer industrial trucks are needed for the current solution, less distance is traveled and throughput has risen significantly. The individual load carriers in Incoming Goods need to be moved much less frequently now. Employees have also cut down considerably on their distances with the MAX. Currently 13 mobile workstations are used for incoming goods and order picking. The mobile workstations are equipped with numerous optional accessories including a drawer, beverage and pen holders, scanner bracket, a pullout and the option of holding a thin-client PC.


PDF_Icon Optimum Material Supply in a Kanban Process Using Pick by Voice and Cognis®: The Pick by Voice approach also saves considerable time with plausibility checking. The employee always has both hands and eyes free. The introduction of Pick by Voice within the kanban environment was a complete success at ACD. With Cognis® and Voxter® Elite, all the advantages of voice-based order picking now come into play: Significantly faster picking output, lower error rates, and time savings due to optimized distances. For production this means faster material supply of the manufacturing islands. Work safety of employees is also improved, since both eyes and hands are free.


PDF_Icon Exact Batch Tracking for the Food Industry The development investment has paid off: The M266 mobile terminal was very well received by the employees on site and all the employees would now like to have their own terminal. Currently the M266 is being subjected to greater loads and additional applications are being developed. There are plans to use the mobile data acquisition devices in the future for maintenance purposes on production machines as well. German companies are relying on ever more elaborate quality management systems, for example traceability. Because of this, it can confidently be predicted that the demand for mobile devices to simplify these steps will continue to grow. ACD has certainly filled a market gap here with M266.


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