Handheld Data Terminal M2Smart® ACD Industrial

M2Smart® ACD: the Modular Device for Industrial Applications
The M2Smart® ACD is a modularly structured terminal for industrial applications with various attachable modules that can be connected without any tools using an insert/slide mechanism. The new patented modularity makes the M2Smart® ACD mobile terminal with Android™ Industrial+ 6.0.1 as the operating system a lean yet highly robust, intelligent and efficient solution for mobile industrial applications. The M2Smart® ACD can be used to control machines or vehicles, for example, but also for data logging and to read, transmit or visualize data. Add to that modularly and there is practically no limit to the versatile range of applications.


The basic module with sturdy main housing and large 4.8“ display (capacitive) offers numerous options related to the new solution patented by ACD as well as options for modularity and standard interfaces. A wide range of attachable modules is available including illuminated Emergency Stop switches (also in combination with a three-stage enabling switch), handles, distance sensors and temperature modules as well as different keyboard variants and sensor or interface modules. The attachable modules mentioned here as well as other modules can also be adapted and implemented for specific customer requirements. Keyboard variant M2Key16 and temperature module M2Temperature for measuring core and surface temperatures are already currently in development. The M2Safety module, an illuminated Emergency Stop switch with three-stage enabling switch, guaranteed functional safety and specific interfaces can be used with M2Connect. The individual modules can be exchanged at any time without a tool using the upper and lower insert/slide mechanisms, thus allowing for highly efficient, economical and flexible work.


The modular architecture of the ACD M2Smart® makes it flexible and universal so it can be used for a wide range of different processes in your company and will be accepted and appreciated by your employees. Eliminating cables ensures more ergonomic work and thanks to cross-format operation with an integrated position sensor for display rotation, the M2Smart® ACD is equally well suited for left-handed or right-handed users.


The Android™ Industrial+ 6.0.1 operating system ensures work free of interruptions as well as modern user guidance familiar to users of Android™ smartphones. The Android™ Industrial+ version can be selectively adapted to customer requests at any time. ACD takes responsibility for support, incorporates security updates and provides assistance with troubleshooting as well as rapid response to security gaps.


The integrated quick-change lithium-ion battery with 22.8 Wh ensures long operating times up to 20 hours free of interruptions and can be changed during ongoing operation. Good technical performance is ensured in part by a high-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 410E QuadCore ARM Cortex processor with 8 GB Flash memory and 1 GB RAM.


M2Smart® ACD film


Our animation video offers a more detailed presentation of the M2Smart® ACD and its new patented modularly. Have a look


Module Authorization
New modules for every conceivable work step or process can also be designed under the heading "Build Your Own Device." In the future only one mobile device will be needed for all work steps; thanks to modules that can be interchanged quickly and with no tools.


Would you like an individual solution as well? Then become an authorized partner of the ACD Group and you will have the option of developing your own modules based on the M2Smart® ACD – and marketing them under your own brand. All modules will naturally be validated by ACD before the market launch to ensure consistent high quality. Of course ACD can also develop customer-specific modules on request. Please feel free to contact us for further information and become an authorized ACD partner!


Service portfolio
ACD also offers you an upfront test on the M2Smart® mobile terminal. Arrange an appointment with our sales team!


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All data at a glance

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410E QuadCore ARM Cortex A53, 1,2 GHz
  • 8 GB Flash, 1 GB RAM, larger memory optionally available
  • Android™ Industrial+ 6.0.1
  • Housing: ABS
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Device dimensions: 170 x 82 x 28 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: Ca. 430 g
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C bis 50 °C/li>
  • Storage temperature: -20 °C bis 60 °C
  • 4,8″ color TFT Display with LED backlight
  • 1280 x 720 pixels, 280 cd/m²
  • 3 status LED
  • Capacitive, surface hardness according to MOHS categorie 5-6
  • Side On-/Off key
Barcode scanner
  • 2D scanner integrated in housing
  • Side scanner keys
Power supply
  • Quick-change rechargeable battery, li-ion with 22.8 Wh (6,000 mAh/3.8 V)
  • Docking station incl. battery charger for spare battery
  • 5 MP auto-focus camera with lighting
  • WLAN according to IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n incl. BT-compatible close-range network
  • WLAN Security: WEP, WPA, IEEE802.11i (Personal and Enterprise), WPA2, WPA2-PSK
    802.1x: authentification
  • M2Temperature ACD: Attachable temperature sensor to measure core and surface temperature; changing without tool
  • M2Key16 ACD: Attachable silicone keyboard with 16 keys; changing without tool
On request
  • Further types of scanner
  • Further types of keyboards
  • Futher customer-specific moduls
Module Authorization
  • Available interfaces for modules
  • Lower module interfaces: RS485, USB 3.3 V/200 mA
  • Upper module interfaces: RS485, USB 3.3 V/200 mA, -3 to 4,3 V (battery voltage)/1000 mA


  • M210SE Dockingstation
    Docking station DS2Smart® ACD
  • M210SE Dockingstation
    M2Safety ACD

    Illuminated Emergency Stop for safety applications.
    Functional safety up to PLe.

  • M210SE Dockingstation
    M2Connect ACD

    Module with specific interfaces including rugged plug connections or USB.

  • M210SE Dockingstation
    M2Temperature ACD

    Attachable temperature sensor to measure core and surface temperature; changing without tool

  • M210SE Dockingstation
    M2Key16 ACD

    Attachable silicone keyboard with 16 keys; changing without tool

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