OEM Products: Mobile Applications and Communication

OEM Products: Mobile Applications and Communication

When it comes to portable devices or operating devices for industrial applications, we are your specialist for the complete product cycle: conception, development, material management, production and service are just some of the keywords. Our portable solutions are mainly used within the production industry, in device and machine construction, medical technology as well as in the area of commercial vehicles and fleet management.

The core skills of our development are clearly tailored to mobility, communication and reliability:

  • Ergonomics
  • Stability
  • Radio connections
  • Interfaces
  • Voice solutions
  • Movement/locating
  • Temperature/pressure
  • Charging electronics
  • Software service programs/embedded software
  • International approvals
  • Efficient service organisation

Industry terminals and portable operating devices in ACD’s portable applications mean top-quality development and production, tailored to your individual requirements.

Application examples

Below you will see real example for different applications to give an idea of how ACD operating devices are used in various industries:

Certification via

  • ISO quality standards
  • Country approvals like C-Tick (Australia)