M2Smart®SE – The Modular High-Tech Handheld for Industry

Read RFID Tags, Scan Barcodes, Measure Temperatures and More – with just One Device!

ACD Elektronik is expanding its line of industrial handhelds with the M2Smart®SE: Various functions including reading and writing RFID tags, scanning barcodes and measuring temperatures can be activated and carried out with modules that can easily be attached.

With over 45 years of experience developing and manufacturing electronic products, ACD Elektronik has created a multi-functional handheld that is optimized for industry. Thanks to its modular design, the M2Smart®SE can always be expanded with new modules, applications and functional ranges.

M2Smart®SE – Designed for Industry and Logistics

Various functions can be carried out by means of modules, including scanning barcodes, reading RFID tags and measuring temperatures. Up to two modules can be attached simultaneously and during the working process. The patented attaching mechanism of the M2Smart®SE offers special advantages, explains Thorsten Kächele of ACD Elektronik Sales: “Users can change the modules effortlessly with no need for tools. The modules are activated by physical contact with the M2Smart®SE, which makes them ready to use immediately.”

The M2Smart®SE can be operated effectively even if the user is wearing gloves: “Users can attach a keyboard module to that provide another option for entering data on the M2Smart®SE,” explains Kächele. This is especially useful for applications where gloves are worn, and makes typing work more efficient.”

ACD erhält German Innovation Award

M2Smart®SE Modules – RFID Reading, Barcode Scanning and More

The following modules are available for the M2Smart®SE:
• M2Key16 Logistics: Attachable hard shell keyboard with 16 keys
• M2Longrange: Attachable longrange scanner module for 1D and 2D barcodes
• M2UHF-RFID: Attachable mid- or shortrange modules for reading and writing UHF-RFID tags with a read range of up to 1.5 or 6 meters
• M2Temperature with/without probe: Attachable temperature sensor for measuring core and surface temperatures

The M2Grip5 pistol grip with integrated key for convenient handling can also be attached, or the M2Logistics protective caps can be attached for additional fall protection.

The M2Smart®SE has a 4.8-inch color display with 16 GB of Flash and 2 GB of RAM. Larger memories are optionally available. The device measures 174 x 82 x 28 mm and weighs 390 grams. With the 6000 mAh quick-change rechargeable battery, the M2Smart®SE is suitable for shift work. The charging time is three hours. The operating system the AndroidTM Industrial+ has been developed internally by ACD Elektronik for industrial applications.

Printer and RTLS Modules in Development, 5G Integration Planned

The modular architecture of the M2Smart®SE allows for expanded functions – new modules can be developed and adapted to customer requirements: “The development of new modules for the M2Smart®SE is driven by ACD Elektronik itself and by the requests of our customer,” explains Thorsten Kächele.
“The prototype of a printer module was recently completed. An OEM module is currently being developed that will be able to identify scanned objects, and to locate them by means of RTLS simultaneously. The integration of 5G that is feasible on a technical level, will be considered in the future”, said Kächele.