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Drive System 325 V DC
Maximum Safety, Optimum Performance and Easy Handling

Our innovative solution, the 325 V DC drive system, is made up of two main components: The power supply module and the drive control devices with integrated EtherCAT connectivity. This drive system is characterized by its versatility and high safety standards. The power supply module is equipped with active power factor correction (PFC) and is connected to a common three-phase 400 V power supply. It supplies the drive controllers via a stable DC link voltage of 325 V DC. This configuration allows you to increase not only the power but also the safety performance of the applications. The drive controllers of ACD Antriebstechnik GmbH offer the possibility to select different safety functions according to EN 61800-5-2 with Safety-over-EtherCAT. This makes it possible to use the drive system as a safety component according to the regulations of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The most important features of the ACD drive system at a glance:

  1. Integrated safety technology: The drive system has safety functions such as STO, SOS, SS1, SS2, SLS, SDI, SBC and others. For increased safety, certain safety functions can also be implemented as an encoderless Safe Limited Speed (SLS) solution, certified according to 13849-1.
  2. EtherCAT CoE + FSoE: EtherCAT can be used to control applications in real time and integrate additional safety levels via the FSoE
  3. Support for all encoders: The ACD drive system is compatible with a wide range of encoders to meet diverse customer requirements.
  4. High positioning accuracy and control quality: The 325 V DC drive system achieves the highest precision and control quality for even the most demanding applications.
  5. Fast installation and cabling: Installation is designed to be as simple as possible to save time and effort.

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Mr. Dieter Hund, Head of Sales
Tel.: +49 7392 708-502
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