schnelle Musterfertigung

Prototyping process

Fast sample production

Custom-made samples

Ready for testing

After the electronic assemblies have been developed, samples are usually produced to test the intended function. Depending on the test results, these are incorporated into a change or adaptation of the circuit or of components.

Short delivery times

Test samples or qualification samples

With test samples for the initial function tests, the materials and manufacturers may differ from those subsequently used in series production. If, on the other hand, a qualification sample is required, this will involve the materials and manufacturers that will be used in the planned series production.

Test samples and qualification samples are typical for the prototype process. With our expertise, ACD Systemtechnik supports the customer’s development department with regard to the production-ready design of the assemblies.

Qualification model
Functional test

Functional model

Ready for the functional test

Our fast test sample production implements your requirements exactly in the form of assembled circuit boards, which you can use to check the development results through a functional integration of the assembled circuit board in your application.

These “functional models” can be completely SMT-equipped, manufactured in SMT combination and THT-wired or completely hand-assembled. The subsequent test is usually a simple visual check.

Qualification samples

Safety for function and series production

With regard to series production, our experts select the material for subsequent series production for testing and approval. This material is requested from the series suppliers and is also completely machine-assembled (SMD) or mixed-assembled (SMD and through-wired).

In addition to the optical AOI / AXI inspection, the subsequent test also includes a simple electrical test such as a flying probe if required.
The delivery times are therefore often somewhat longer than with simple functional prototypes.


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