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Wearables for logistics applications ensure a systematic implementation of paperless order. By standardizing picking processes, you can increase the efficiency and quality of your order picking considerably.

Portable devices – Handheld Computer


Voice-guided picking through pick by voice

Furthermore, the wearables are characterized by a secure and stable operating system (Android™ Industrial+/Windows®), fast training rates and low error rates. Ultimately, you can significantly increase the efficiency and quality of your order picking by standardizing picking processes.

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Wearables for optimized processes in warehouse – logistics – industry – goods receipt/issue – inventory

Powerful Wearables

In order to consistently design paperless picking, ACD developed tools with the wearables, such as the ergonomic back of the hand scanner HasciSE or the Pick by Voice Client Voxter® Elite+, which are hardly noticeable when worn, small, powerful and have a long
battery life.

Ergonomic back of the hand scanners

The optimal solution for small parts picking is the HasciSE backhand scanner. The ergonomic and industrial scanner meets all requirements of logistics and industry, where mostly “hands-free” work is performed. The HasciSE optimizes internal processes and as it is one of the flattest, smallest and lightest in its class, it does not interfere with carrying. Furthermore, it can be connected to the appropriate accessories, thanks to the ACD EasyToConnect app.

By quickly and easily adjusting the carrying options of the HasciSE, such as a zipper or glove loops, you save costs for additional accessories and still remain flexible in your choice of carrying. For this purpose, ACD offers ready-made models of a zipper for attaching the back of the hand scanner or a matching glove loop with finger switch, so that the HasciSE is immediately ready for use.

Fast scanning with the HasciSE

The HasciSE has a long battery life and has an integrated 2D scanner which allows reading of dot codes. The handheld scanner can also be used to read 1D and 2D barcodes. The scan is triggered by a push button on the device itself or the finger switch on the wrist strap. After pressing the push button, the user receives an acoustic, haptic and visual scan feedback. The scanner can withstand temperatures from -20 degrees up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Pick by Voice Client

Paperless picking can be consistently implemented thanks to the Voxter® Elite+ pick by voice solution and the appropriate voice software. This standardizes the efficiency of the pick by voice processes and their quality in order picking. Time-consuming stocktaking is no longer necessary due to the constant access to the online operation and thus offers the advantage of having a complete overview of the current stock levels at any time.