Wearables: Wrist/finger scanner and voice clients

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Wearables for logistics applications ensure a systematic implementation of paperless order. By standardizing picking processes, you can increase the efficiency and quality of your order picking considerably.

HasciSE backhand scanner scanning in the goods receiving area

Intelligent wearables for efficient work “hands-free”

ACD Group presents a professional range of smart wearables. Compact and ergonomic, each wearable is designed to allow you to work hands-free with a clear field of vision. Attached to your work clothes, it allows you to optimize logistics tasks to increase agility and productivity. Our wearable scanner HasciSE and Pick by Voice solution, a voice-activated terminal, are used in many sectors and industries.

Wearables that attach to your work clothes to keep your hands free

Better known as “wearables” in the international logistics world, our “hands-free” terminals greatly facilitate repetitive tasks in the warehouse and supply chain. Highly practical and ergonomic, this family of wearable mobile devices offers various options for attachment to work clothing for easy, accurate and fast work. Check out our HasciSE wearable scanner for easy product scanning and our Voxter® voice client for voice-activated work.

Reliable, intuitive and powerful work tools

Within logistics, warehousing, goods handling or picking, ACD’s wearables offer many competitive advantages:

  • Hardly noticeable. Our powerful wearables are characterized by their compact dimensions and durability.
  • Equipped with the secure and stable Android™ Industrial+ operating system, they connect easily to your computer hardware and are fully compatible with the software configuration of your WMS information systems.
  • They are highly intuitive and ergonomic, automatically performing any desired operation according to your needs.
  • Thanks to a quick learning curve, our wearables easily adapt to any type of work environment.
  • By not restricting the field of vision in any way, they help operators stay alert, which leads to a significant reduction in errors.
Increased throughput in logistics and picking

Our HasciSE wearable scanner and Voxter® voice-activated voice client streamline process flows for your employees in logistics, picking, receiving and shipping, returns management, inventory updating, quality control and many other areas.

Your employees can now move freely around your warehouse, storage facility or industrial site without constantly managing paper or constantly reaching for tools. By optimizing and streamlining your tasks and processes, you greatly increase the efficiency, quality, convenience and productivity of your pickers’ and logisticians’ work.

Our HasciSE: finger scanner, wrist scanner, bluetooth barcode scanner

With our HasciSE wearable/finger scanner, you don’t have to handle bulky tools and have no visual obstruction, so you can scan any item easier and faster. It is lightweight and ergonomic and can be attached to a wrist strap or any glove to work with full freedom of movement.

This palm scanner has a long battery life and can withstand temperatures from -20°C to 50°C. It is therefore an optimal solution for all requirements in logistics and industry where work must be done predominantly hands-free, regardless of the industry.

The invisible, ready-to-use bluetooth wearable scanner

The HasciSE handheld barcode scanner is one of the flattest, smallest and lightest in its class. Almost imperceptible, it scans with high precision and is non-intrusive. What’s more, it connects to your terminals thanks to ACD EasyToConnect 2.0.

To make the HasciSE ready for immediate use, ACD offers several ways to attach the barcode scanner either to the back of your hand on a hand strap with finger switch or to a zipper to attach to your clothing or belt. This saves you additional costs for accessories.

Fast and accurate hands-free scanning of goods

The HasciSE wearable scanner has an integrated 2D scanner (shotrange, midrange or advanced range) for reading 1D and 2D barcodes. Scanning can be triggered by a button on the device itself or by the finger button on the wrist strap. The user then receives audible, visual and vibrating feedback.

Our voice client for voice-guided logistics operations

Whether attached to a belt or clothing, our Voxter® voice client is a portable terminal for hands-free work without restricting the field of vision. Connected to a headset with microphone, it is designed for voice-guided picking.

All operations are audio-guided and validated live

Thanks to the integrated Android™ Industrial+ operating system and professional voice software, the operator can in real time:

  • Receive audio instructions on the goods to be picked up or prepared
  • Receive information on the status of stocks
  • Interact live with his team
  • And thus record, confirm, modify or delete any information without paper. All simply by voice.