Industry safety engineering

Security technology

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EMS for the field of safety technology

Our experts at ACD Systemtechnik can deal professionally with the requirements relating to application under different environmental conditions such as shock, vibration, temperature and the associated requirements for service life.

Constantly reliable

Core competence manufacturing

Customer service, logistics, production and the test field are the pillars of our EMS service, which in relation to the applicable standards and regulations, such as RoHS-compliant production according to IPC class 2 and 3, can boast long-term customer relationships in this field.

We assume responsibility for the entire service, starting with the receipt of additional and assembly parts in the incoming goods department, through the entire manufacturing process with the various testing options for the optical, electrical and climate test options available in-house, right through to shipping.

Burn in

Climate test


In the burn-in test, the components are tested under high load as a simulated ageing of the assemblies with temperature / humidity profile over longer periods of time in order to identify any problems at an early stage.

Electrical test environment

Function test

In the function test, the real environment of the assembled circuit board is simulated in the installed state, the functionality of assembled circuit boards or complete devices is checked, to ensure that the components function correctly.

Fuction Test