ACD Develops Custom Android Apps for Industry

Devices and Apps Adapted to Customer Requirements!

The ACD Group is a specialist for customized electronics, including hardware and software development. The product and service portfolio includes not only mobile devices, but also specially developed Android apps. The company programs these apps at the App Design Center of ACD Czech in Kadaň, Czech Republic, about 100 kilometers northwest of Prague.

Specially Developed ACD Apps Enable Effective Work

The starting point for the app development is the modular industrial handheld M2Smart®SE. The base unit has an integrated HF RFID reader for reading and writing tags. Users attach modules via a patented sliding mechanism. These expand the base device with new functions. These include, for example, UHF RFID and LF RFID modules. The product range is supplemented by a series of specially developed ACD apps and software tools.

“The ACD apps enable the effective use of the M2Smart®SE and its modules,” explains Uwe Mahler, Head of Sales Industrial Solutions, ACD Elektronik. “These include, for example, system apps for simplified network configuration or a kiosk mode, which grants the user only limited access to the device if desired.”

2022 06 Android Device

Module and App Development for OEM Customers

Both module and app development focus on individual product adaptations. These enable optimal integration into customers’ processes in industry, logistics and retail. In the area of modular RFID handhelds, the customers are almost exclusively OEMs.

“Customers provide the impetus for app programming. Apps are customized or programmed entirely according to customer requirements,” says Uwe Mahler. “The initial situation for customization projects can vary greatly. This depends on how experienced the customers are with Android projects. If required, ACD also offers consulting services.”


Product Development According to Country-Specific Guidelines

The company develops products and apps for international customers. The frequency ranges of the modules, for example, are adapted to country-specific requirements. Accordingly, devices and modules are also certified for specific countries.

“ACD enters extensive cooperations with partners for product development, app programming and certification,” emphasizes Uwe Mahler. “This ensures that products and apps are precisely tailored to the processes and applications.”

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