All about automation Hamburg: Safe and mobile into the future with the M2Smart® HMI from ACD Elektronik

Due to the increasing risk of cyberattacks, the focus is on data security and secure operating systems, especially in machine operation. With the M2Smart® HMI, ACD Elektronik has succeeded in developing a mobile and wireless device for secure machine operation that meets all security requirements without compromising on flexibility, mobility and operability. See the HMI of the future for yourself at all about automation from 17 January to 18 January 2024 in Hamburg and visit us at booth EG-208.

Wireless and functional safe

AndroidTM is not only the most popular operating system for consumer devices, AndroidTM is also becoming increasingly important in industry. Optimized for touch-based operating concepts, the operating system also opens up completely new application possibilities for machine operation and the trend is moving towards touchless and wireless devices. ACD Elektronik has developed its own, particularly secure AndroidTM version, the industrial-grade AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system, to meet the significantly higher requirements in industry about data security. The entire source code is stored on ACD Elektronik servers in Germany so that no data is passed on to third parties. In addition to the high level of data security, it also impresses with regular updates, upgrades and security patches.

As ACD Elektronik does not use a cable for its M2Smart® HMI devices, a major focus during the development of the devices was on ensuring secure data transmission even without the use of a cable. With the mobile devices from ACD Elektronik, data is transmitted securely via a radio link using the black channel method. Communication takes place between the HMI and a gateway connected to a secure controller. The devices can be easily paired via RFID and then the HMI panel, including the integrated emergency stop and enabling switches, is ready for use. Safety levels up to PLd are achieved by utilizing a two-processor architecture.

Kabelloses und mobiles Safety HMI M2Smart HMI10 für funktionale sichere Maschinenbedienung mit 10 Zoll Display und Android Industrial+
Mobile and wireless safety HMI M2Smart HMI5 with 5-inch display and Android Industrial#+ for safe machine operation.

Ergonomic design and a wide range of accessories and apps for maximum flexibility

The absence of a cable per se increases the flexibility and the number of possible applications for the devices. Thanks to a rechargeable battery that can be changed during operation, the M2Smart® HMI is also ready for use at any time. When designing the devices, special attention was paid to ensuring that the devices fit ergonomically in the hand and that the user can use the devices over a long period of time without fatigue. Furthermore, the devices in the M2Smart® HMI series have a camera and a capacitive touchscreen, as we are used to in the consumer world. They are parameterized with modern, user-interface-optimized apps, which also include additional features. One of these is the range restriction function. This allows a distance or viewing area to be defined. If the user leaves this range, they are notified by an acoustic signal and vibration alarm. Naturally, there are suitable accessories for the M2Smart® HMI, such as active and passive mounts and additional apps for setting up and managing the devices. ACD Elektronik also offers other tools such as the ACD Mobile Device Manager (MDM) for centralized management of all devices and the ACD KioskMode, with which the administrator can restrict access to the device.

The wireless M2Smart® HMI is available in two sizes. There is a 5-inch device in smartphone form factor and a 10-inch device in tablet form factor.

See the HMI of the future for yourself and visit us at all about automation in Hamburg at stand EG-208. We will also be represented at the upcoming all about automation trade fairs in Friedrichshafen, Heilbronn and Zurich. We look forward to welcoming you personally at our booths.