AndroidTM for industrial projects?
Learn more about the Android Device Kit at Embedded World 2023.

ACD Elektronik, especially known for robust and innovative mobile devices for logistics and industry, now also introduces an interesting concept for developers of devices or operator interfaces. The focus is on the AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system in combination with ACD’s Android Device Kit.

The requirements for industrial operating systems or mobile devices are manifold and often not met by standard devices. Therefore, often only an in-house development remains to solve the problems. However, there are many risks lurking here that can threaten the development project or, in the worst case, even cause it to fail. The resulting effort quickly exceeds the development budget and/or the time-to-market is painfully extended.

With the Android Device Kit to a customized AndroidTM system

The Android Device Kit from ACD Elektronik offers an attractive possibility to achieve development success safely, quickly and with drastically reduced risk. The modular device platform is based on the AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system optimized by ACD Elektronik. In addition to the greatly improved security compared to the consumer version, the operating system offers important attributes such as stability, long-term availability and future-proofing. Furthermore, the entire source code of the software is located on the servers of ACD Elektronik in Germany!
The Android Device Kit is a broad “construction kit” of combinable hardware components such as displays of different sizes, communication modules, interfaces, etc. In a joint development project with the engineers of ACD, further adjustments to software and hardware are made, depending on the project, so that in the end a solution is available that is optimally tailored to the needs of the customer. The service of ACD is rounded off by a high-quality and on-time production of the components.

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Short time-to-market and reduced development risk

ACD Elektronik acts as an integrated development and production partner for the Android Device Kit and supports companies throughout the entire life cycle of a product. In particular, ACD’s many years of experience in the development of mobile devices as well as with the secure AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system gives companies a real performance and time advantage. Thanks to a large number of proven components as well as stable software, the development time – and thus the time-to-market – is considerably reduced and the development risk is also significantly lower than with a complete in-house development. Users of the Android Device Kit also benefit from ACD Elektronik’s many years of experience in the design and construction of electronic devices, systems and components as well as in the approval and certification of new products.

Trade show visitors to Embedded World can learn more about the Android Device Kit in Hall 3 at ACD Elektronik’s booth 3-551. Additionally, Mr. Andreas Zwißler – CEO of ACD Elektronik – will give a presentation about the Android Device Kit at Embedded World. The presentation will take place on Thursday, March 16, 2023 at Exhibitor`s Forum H2-510 from 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm.