Experience the M2Smart® HMI at all about automation in Friedrichshafen

All about automation is a series of trade fairs for industrial automation that is specifically aimed at a regional target group of visitors. As a company from southern Germany, ACD Elektronik GmbH will of course be taking the opportunity to exhibit at the aaa in Friedrichshafen and present the mobile and wireless full-touch operating devices from the M2Smart® HMI family. Due to their flexibility, a wide range of application options and ergonomic design they are particularly impressive and the right device for operating almost any machine in an industrial environment.

Wireless and functional safe

The absence of a cable makes the HMI mobile and versatile, which opens up a wide range of new application possibilities, but also brings the issue of safe data transmission more to the fore. With the mobile M2Smart® HMI devices from ACD Elektronik, safety data is transmitted between the operating device and gateway via a Bluetooth radio link using the Black Channel method. The gateway, in turn, is connected to a safe control system. The devices are connected quickly and easily via RFID pairing.
The entire safety system consisting of control unit, emergency stop and enabling switch, gateway and access point can be viewed and even tested at the ACD Elektronik booth at the aaa in Friedrichshafen. For this purpose, ACD Elektronik is using a product presenter with which the entire system can be examined in operation, so that trade fair visitors can not only see the M2Smart® HMI, but also hold it in their hands, test it and thus actively experience it.

Outstanding usability

In addition to secure wireless transmission, the operating system also plays a decisive role when it comes to data security. For the M2Smart® HMI devices, ACD Elektronik uses an AndroidTM version specially optimised for the requirements of industrial use. The AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system was specially developed by ACD Elektronik and guarantees the highest level of data security. The use of AndroidTM guarantees intuitive operation of the devices per se, as the user is already familiar with the operating system from the consumer world. A large number of apps for managing the devices make operation even easier and additional accessories such as exchangeable batteries, docking stations and the option of attaching and changing modules increase the possible uses of the M2Smart® HMIs many times over.

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Visit us at booth B1-620 at the aaa in Friedrichshafen and experience the M2Smart® HMI for safe and mobile machine operation. We will also be represented at the upcoming all about automation trade fairs in Heilbronn and Zurich. We look forward to welcoming you personally at our booths.