Soltekin, the new distributor of ACD Elektronik in Spain

Last april, ACD Elektronik exhibited together with Soltekin S. L. at the Advanced Factories in Barcelona. Soltekin S. L. is a Spanish company that specializes in the safety of machinery and equipment. Both companies also announced at Advanced Factories that Soltekin is ACD Elektronik’s new distributor for Spain.

Soltekin,Manuel González + Uwe Mahler 2023

Manuel González, CEO of  Soltekin and Uwe Mahler, Head of Sales Industrial Solutions, ACD Elektronik

One of the highlights that ACD Elektronik presented at the Soltekin booth at Advanced Factories was the M2Smart® HMI. The M2Smart® HMI is a mobile HMI with functional safety according to DIN EN ISO 13849, which guarantees fatigue-free work throughout the day thanks to its ergonomic design. It combines safe and wireless machine operation with the ease of use of a smartphone or tablet.

The illuminated emergency stop button and the three-stage enabling switch guarantee safe machine operation, even in safety-critical areas. Furthermore, the quick-change battery ensures uninterrupted operation for many hours, and the capacitive 5- or 10.1” display ensures optimum visualization and operability. In addition, thanks to an interference-proof connection, all safety data is transmitted without interruption via Bluetooth, even under difficult environmental conditions.

M2Smart HMI10 Roboter

The M2Smart® HMI panel is modular and available in two different sizes. Furthermore, the M2Smart® HMI is maximally flexible and additional functional elements can be added as needed. This is made possible by the open, secure AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system developed by ACD Elektronik and the patented mechanical-electrical interfaces that enable fast and, above all, tool-free module replacement.

Together with the new sales partner Soltekin, ACD Elektronik looks back on exciting days in Spain. With Soltekin, a mutually beneficial partnership could be established, which will open up great opportunities in the field of safe machine operation in the future.