SPS 2023: Safe, Intuitively Operable and Flexible – the Wireless M2Smart® HMI from ACD Elektronik!

Smartphones and tablets have become an essential part of our daily life. But aside from the consumer world, touch-based operating concepts and the technologies underlying them have increasingly established themselves in everyday industrial applications, where they are now indispensable. Devices that are used in industry must meet significantly higher safety standards than ordinary consumer devices. With the M2Smart® HMI10, ACD Elektronik has succeeded in transferring the operating philosophy of a consumer tablet to an industrial device with high safety standards. You can experience it and other innovative products and solutions for industry at SPS, 14 – 16 November 2023 in Nuremberg in hall 7 at ACD Elektronik’s stand 694.

M2Smart HMI10 Roboter

The big difference between a mobile device for consumers and one for industrial use is that higher standards must be met for a device for industry in terms of safety and ergonomics. For wireless devices in particular, the question of data transmission in free space must be considered. Data is transmitted by mobile HMI devices of ACD Elektronik in a functionally safe and reliable manner over a radio path using the black channel principle. Safe and reliable communication is ensured between the mobile HMI panel and a gateway, the receiver device, which is in turn connected to a safe PLC. After simple pairing via NFC, the mobile HMI panel including the emergency stop and enabling switch integrated into the device are ready for use. Thanks to a two-processor architecture, safety levels up to PLd can be achieved.

AndroidTM Industrial+ – Intuitive AndroidTM Environment with High Safety Standards

The basis of ACD HMI devices is an ACD hardware platform and the AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system which has been optimized by ACD for industrial use. The AndroidTM operating system is well known to be optimized for touch-based applications and has already superseded other operating systems such as Linux and Windows® in this area. With the AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system, ACD Elektronik has succeeded in retaining the advantages of AndroidTM while increasing safety and security so that it is more than suitable for industrial use. The industrial grade AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system comes with impressive features including high data security and regular updates, upgrades and security patches. Furthermore, the complete source code resides on ACD servers in Germany so that no data is forwarded to third parties.

Ergonomic Design Plus Numerous Accessories and Apps

The elimination of cables and keys as well as the modular design of the M2Smart® HMI series essentially increases application possibilities and also makes the HMI very flexible. The quick-change rechargeable battery means that batteries can be exchanged during ongoing operation, making it possible to use the devices for an extended time without any interruptions. ACD placed special emphasis during development of the M2Smart® HMI10 on ergonomic design. The handle on the back of the device in particular ensures that the device will still rest easily in the hand even after hours of use. The handle can also be rotated easily with a few simple steps, making it suitable for both right and left-handed users. Of course there are appropriate accessories for the HMIs including mounting brackets with charging option, passive mounting brackets and additional apps such as the ACD Mobile Device Manager for easy management of all devices or ACD Kiosk Mode, which the administrator can use to limit access to the devices.

To learn more about the M2Smart® HMI family of ACD Elektronik, visit us at SPS 2023 in hall 7 at stand 694. There is also an opportunity to attend a presentation by Uwe Mahler about the ACD Elektronik HMI on Thursday morning 11/16/2023 at 10:40. It will take place in hall 8 in exhibition forum 410.

Are you interested in guest tickets? If so, please let us know at: presse@acd-elekronik.de