M2Smart®SE – Modular Handheld for Industrial Applications

UHF, HF and LF RFID reading with just one device!

ACD Elektronik developed the M2Smart®SE Mobile Handheld Computer for flexible and seamless work processes in logistics, retail business and industry. The patented slide mechanism of the M2Smart®SE makes it possible to attach UHF, HF and LF RFID modules with no tools. The direct connection of the modules with the basic device and the rugged construction of the basic device have been optimized for uninterrupted working in industrial applications.

Change between UHF, HF, and LF RFID reading in a matter of seconds

UHF, HF and LF RFID modules are available for the M2Smart®SE and the basic device can also be purchased with an HF reader already installed. In a matter of seconds, the user can switch between the different frequencies to read UHF, HF, and LF RFID tags by attaching the appropriate module.

“All modules can be attached and removed without any tools,” explains Uwe Mahler, Sales Engineer at ACD Elektronik . “When they are attached they latch in place with an audible “click.” The basic device detects immediately which module is in place and work can begin.”

Application areas of the M2Smart®SE include parts and components tracking, inventory tracking and inventory management.

m2smart se rfid 02 mobile handheld computer mobile geraete

Mechanical change system for flexible working with no interruptions

The change mechanism establishes a direct connection between the modules and the M2Smart®SE. This effectively prevents possible problems during pairing or module detection according to Uwe Mahler: “We deliberately used no wireless communication in the connection between modules and the basic device. Connection problems in wireless communication or difficulties with pairing are disruptive factors that bog down the industrial or logistic work process. The slide mechanism of the M2Smart®SE produces a stable and secure electronic connection by means of integrated pins, thereby enhancing the reliability of the entire system.”

M2Smart®SE optimized for industry with additional features

The modules are not the only thing that can be changed quickly: the rechargeable battery can also be replaced in ongoing operation without having to turn off the M2Smart®SE. Together with the modularity, this allows for a seamless work process in industrial environments with the M2Smart®SE.

The M2Smart®SE meets the requirements of protection rating IP65 and is resistant to dust and moisture. The sturdy design of the device is suitable for harsh environments. A camera as well as a 1D/2D scanner can also be integrated into the M2Smart®SE for reading barcodes and QR codes.

The AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system, developed internally by ACD Elektronik, ensures greater security in the operation of the M2Smart®SE: Data exchange with third parties is prevented and the AndroidTM developer of ACD Elektronik guarantees operating system updates for at least eight years.