M2Smart®SE is expanding into new applications

ACD Elektronik Handheld, Expandable with Modules for RFID, Barcode, Temperature Measurements and RTLS!

ACD Elektronik is raising multi-functionality and optimized working in industry and beyond to the next level: With modules that can be attached quickly, easily and without a tool, the modular M2Smart®SE handheld becomes a device for writing and reading, scanning barcodes, measuring temperatures and more.
Drawing on over 45 years of experience in developing and manufacturing electronic products, ACD Elektronik has created with the M2Smart®SE a device that can be expanded to include new modules and functions. The result: The industrial handheld is being used increasingly in RFID applications and as a mobile HMI.

Modules of the M2Smart®SE enable the individual functions

The M2Smart®SE was originally designed for applications in industry and logistics. “The special feature of the M2Smart®SE is its modular structure,” emphasizes Thorsten Kächele, ACD Elektronik Sales. “The patented slide mechanism makes it easy to attach the modules that enable the different functions.”
These include reading and writing RFID tags, scanning barcodes and measuring temperatures, as well as a keyboard for working effectively with the M2Smart®SE while wearing gloves. Since the M2Smart®SE can be continuously expanded with new functions, it is very much in demand for RFID applications and as a mobile HMI, according to Kächele.
The development of new modules focuses on customer requirements, he added and continued: “The M2Smart®SE is offered not only by ACD Elektronik alone, but also as an OEM product. New, customized adaptations of modules, customer-specific apps and designs or different housing colors are possible. The M2Smart®SE and its modules can be adapted and developed exactly to customer requirements.” An OEM module is currently being developed that can identify objects and locate via RTLS.

Mobiler Handheld Computer M2Smart®SE mit RFID: Ein wichtiger Baustein auf dem Weg zur Smart Factory.

The M2Smart®SE operating system AndroidTM Industrial+ ensures enhanced security

The M2Smart®SE uses the AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system, which was developed internally by ACD Elektronik especially for industrial applications. Both hardware and software are developed at company headquarters in Achstetten.
The AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system prevents data exchange with third parties, thereby improving security,” explains Alina Guther, Team Leader of Marketing & Product Management, ACD Elektronik.
“Of the 420 employees at ACD, over 30 percent are involved in the ongoing development of products and software. Because of this, we are always capable of adapting the operating system to new AndroidTM versions, fixing bugs and achieving a high level of security.”
This is a very important feature for new users in safety-relevant areas, where the M2Smart®SE is now being used more. The M2Smart®SE communicates via Bluetooth and WLAN.

The wide range of applications of the M2Smart®SE with AndroidTM Industrial+ won the German Innovation Award

The goal of developing and manufacturing the M2Smart®SE was to implement quality and innovation for industrial applications in keeping with “Made in Germany” quality, according to Thorsten Kächele: “It is our stated goal to stand out above our competitors through innovation. The M2Smart®SE embodies this in its user-friendly operation, the options for customized adaptations and its expandability with new modules.”
This makes for satisfied regular customers in industry, logistics and retail business while also impressing new customers in the RFID sector, users of mobile HMIs – and the jury of the German Innovation Award: In 2020 and 2021 the M2Smart®SE and the AndroidTM Industrial+ operating system were honored with the German Innovation Award. In explaining its decision, the jury noted that the attachable modules offer “a specific solution for every application,” so there are no limits on creativity and flexibility.

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