The first devices of the new HMI product line are “ready to sell”!

The first devices of the new HMI product line are “ready to sell”!

ACD’s modern HMI will be available in many variants: In the future, devices with different display sizes (4.8″ and 10.1″) will be available as wireless or cable variants. This allows the systems to be optimally adapted to individual requirements as well as to the specific area of application.

The first device variants are now ready for delivery!

One is the M2Smart® HMI10 Wired, where a connection cable ensures the absolutely safe transmission of safety data from the emergency stop and enabling switch. The other is the M2Smart® HMI Case, a robust case for the use of common consumer tablets. ACD Elektronik thus offers an entry-level solution for safe machine control. Like the other devices in the series, the case is equipped with a mandatory emergency stop button and enabling switch.

The new product series is based on the modular basic device M2Smart®, which has already won several awards due to its innovative power and modularity. In addition to the obligatory components such as emergency stop and three-stage enabling switch, the products are characterized in particular by the Android™ Industrial+ operating system specially developed by ACD. First and foremost, users benefit from high data security, as there is no data leakage to third parties. At the same time, the operating system offers the advantage of a proven, familiar user interface, which makes operation convenient and simplifies it. In addition, ACD guarantees long-term availability and updates as well as upgrades over a very long period of time.

M2Smart® HMI10 Wired
M2smart HMI Case

Professional HMIs from the pros for mobile devices

As an experienced specialist in the development and manufacture of mobile devices, ACD is successively introducing the brand new M2Smart® HMI product series in the field of human machine interfaces. Due to its many years of experience in the electronics sector, ACD is familiar with the high demands in the industry with regard to functionality, robustness and customer specifications. This concentrated know-how is also reflected in the new HMI series; in particular, the ergonomics of the devices are unrivaled.

Managing Director Andreas Zwißler notes: “Best ergonomics, Android™ upgrades and updates over the entire life cycle of at least 8 years and a modular product family, only ACD has that at the moment.”