ACD Expands Customer Support With New Digital Tools

Digital Resources Simplify Integration of ACD Devices!

ACD Elektronik focuses on customized hardware and software development. The customer base includes companies in industry, logistics and retail. On-site or remote training supports customers in the integration of ACD devices. Extensive content on various platforms expands the support and service offering.

Direct Online Access to Lots of Useful Information

“Many customers are OEMs who have a high demand for product-specific, detailed information. On our cloud platform, the current, unique product information is available on demand,” explains Uwe Mahler, Head of Sales Industrial Solutions, ACD Elektronik. “Resources for software development are in particular demand among industrial customers.”

In addition, data sheets, documentation and installation files for devices and apps are available for download from the download portal on the ACD website. Code examples and further resources for software developments are available in a development portal.

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Start-up Support for Easy Technology Integration

In addition, the company offers training for all customers who use its modules, services or apps. The aim is to create optimal product integration. This includes, for example, providing information for the integration of devices such as the M2Smart®SE, creating interfaces or carrying out programming.

“The entry point of each customer is different. Some users have savvy software developers, others do not,” explains Uwe Mahler. “In any case, ACD recommends taking advantage of the available support as well. Integrating devices into higher-level systems, for example, is much easier that way.” A good example is the ACD WebAppService, an online tool for easy communication between ACD hardware and a customer-specific web application. The service can be used to access the individual components of ACD devices such as 2D scanners or HF RFID readers from within the web application. How to use the ACD WebAppService is taught in a short and efficient training.