ACD HasciSE Barcode Backhand Scanner – Optimized for Logistics

HasciSE Handschlaufe 029

Flexible, lightweight and smallest logistics wearable in its class, suitable for deep-freeze applications and with innovative mounting options!

The HasciSE backhand scanner from ACD Elektronik offers users a hands-free scanning solution for maximum flexibility in logistics. 1D/2D barcodes, QR codes and many others can be read with the HasciSE. The dimensions 56 x 45 x 14mm, overall weight of 45g, an innovative fastening concept and the easy scan triggering of the HasciSE ensure maximum wearing comfort and efficient working, in logistics.

Sturdy Design suitable for deep-freeze applications and Three-Year Warranty

The design of the HasciSE is especially adapted for all kind of logistics applications. The rounded housing prevents things from getting caught on the edges. The snap fasteners ensure solid attachment to the hand strap or cuff and can also be worn over gloves. The HasciSE is so sturdy that it is still fully functional even after being dropped more than 50 times from working height. The operating temperature from -20 °C to 50 °C allows for use of the HasciSE in the deep-freeze area.

Easy to Attach and Charge with Standardized Snap Fasteners

The pushbutton on the HasciSE backhand scanner fulfill multiple functions simultaneously. The HasciSE is easy to attach to a hand strap or cuff and the standardized snap fasteners can be used for easy customized attachment – even on standard commercial gloves. This also means there is no problem with things getting snagged.

The snap fasteners are released by a defined force, which excludes the possibility of finger injuries – in contrast to all competitive products. It is also possible to fasten the HasciSE by means of a holding plate including pull-out zipper, for example on a belt. To charge the HasciSE, connect it to a charging station with the snap fasteners, which are designed as charging contacts.

Flexible Use with Three Options for Triggering Scanning

The scan process of the HasciSE can be triggered by means of a scan button, finger button on the hand strap or cuff or by a proximity sensor. A wide range of different settings for the scanner, proximity sensor and vibration motor, etc. can be adjusted individually. In the scan process the HasciSE gives acoustic, haptic and visual feedback as desired. Up to 6000 scans can be performed during a rechargeable battery runtime.

Optimal connectivity with Bluetooth and ACD EasyToConnect 2.0

The HasciSE is paired by means of Bluetooth and the ACD app EasyToConnect 2.0, possible with all Bluetooth-capable devices. The ACD EasyToConnect 2.0 app is available for the Windows® and AndroidTM operating systems. The connection between the HasciSE and the pairing device is established quickly and securely simply by scanning a pairing barcode.

The HasciSE gives acoustic, haptic and visual feedback if pairing is successful. Even if the connected HasciSE is moved out of the range of the pairing device, the connection to the HasciSE can be restored within a short time, making it possible to continue with work quickly