The powerful and freezer-compatible MFT1xSE vehicle mount terminal is now also available with a 15-inch display!

Fast, robust and suitable for deep-freezing areas. These are the features that characterise our vehicle mount terminals in the MFT1xSE series. There is now also a version with a 15-inch display, the MFT15SE!

Like the other models in the MFT1xSE series, the Second Edition model is also equipped with an XGA TFT colour display with LED backlight. A resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and a brightness of 400 cd/m2 ensure outstanding readability of the display, even in difficult lighting conditions. The large 15-inch display is ideal for processes in which a large amount of information needs to be visualised. To ensure smooth and trouble-free operation of the MFT15SE, it is equipped with a powerful Apollo Lake processor and has optimum roaming properties. With the new 15-inch version, ACD Elektronik completes its product portfolio of vehicle mount terminals and offers the right terminal for every process and operation.

Staplerterminal MFT15SE mit Windows und 15 Zoll Display, leistungsstarkem Apollo Lake Prozessor und Windows Betriebssystem
Rückseite MFT15SE Staplerterminal mit 15 Zoll Display

The MFT15SE also features the recently optimised interface cover, which will also be fitted as standard on all other models in the MFT1xSE series in future. The terminal can be easily mounted, and the interface cover can be removed using four screws. The cable fixation using foam rubber strips and simple cable fasteners also ensures low installation effort and minimises installation errors, as strain relief is provided directly on the device. With a protection class of IP54, the MFT15SE is protected against splash water and the ingress of external parts. Furthermore, when developing the vehicle mount terminal, care was taken to ensure that it is suitable for use at temperatures as low as -30 °C and can therefore be used permanently in deep-freeze areas without any problems.

The MFT15SE vehicle mount terminals are currently supplied with the IGEL OS and Windows® IoT Enterprise operating systems. As with the other ACD Elektronik terminals, a wide range of software products and expansion options are available for the MFT15SE. These include the ACD EasyToConnect 2.0 app for easy coupling of the vehicle terminal with the ACD HasciSE back-of-hand scanner or the ACD EasyToPush, a battery-free and wireless pushbutton that enables quick and easy input from up to 10 meters away from the terminal.

Find out more about the MFT15SE on our website.