An efficient companion for all scanning work in the warehouse

The new HasciSE MR backhand scanner features an impressively wide range of applications and user-friendly handling

With the new midrange HasciSE MR backhand scanner, ACD Elektronik GmbH completes its product portfolio of backhand scanners. The HasciSE MR is a logical new development in the field of wearables, closing the gap between HasciSE and HasciSE AR. It is impressive for its low weight, wide range of applications and high-quality industrial processing.

Wide range of applications for efficient work

Just like the other two HasciSE variants, the HasciSE MR can be comfortably attached to the back of the hand, impressing the user with its low weight and maximum freedom of movement. With a scanning range from about 5 cm up to 4.4 m, it is the right choice for a wide range of applications. Its range of applications includes scanning at close range, for example in manual picking, as well as scanning from a medium distance, such as scanning pallets in incoming goods. Because of its longer scanning range, the HasciSE MR allows workers to perform a variety of scans at different distances from the same position in the warehouse. Particularly in picking and order processing, this ensures accelerated throughput times and makes work considerably easier. By illuminating the barcode with white light instead of red light, the HasciSE MR is also able to deliver very good scanning results even in poorly lit work environments. The new HasciSE MR is thus the epitome of efficient and structured work in the warehouse.

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“Hands free” scanning and maximum wearing comfort

Compared to conventional scanners used in the warehouse, the advantages of the HasciSE MR are obvious, or rather, on the back of your hand. By attaching the scanner with a hand cuff or strap, together with the low weight of only 52 g, the user is able to use both hands for a work process. The inconvenience of putting on and taking off a scanner is thus eliminated by using a HasciSE MR. Thanks to its compact, robust shape designed for everyday use, the HasciSE MR also does not interfere with the user performing other tasks. It is therefore the ideal companion in the warehouse and ready for use at any time, even in harsh working environments.

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Easy pairing and high quality workmanship

Featuring a high protection class and the usual fast and intuitive operating options, including acoustic, visual and haptic scan feedback, the HasciSE MR has been specially adapted to the requirements of work in the warehouse. With the appropriate app ACD EasyToConnect 2.0 for AndroidTM, Windows® or IGEL OS, the backhand scanner can easily be paired with a remote device via BT-compatible short-range radio for secure data transmission. Alternatively, the ACD HasciDataService app can be used for quick pairing with the remote device and communication via intents. The ability to pair using these two services eliminates the need for time-consuming setup of individual devices.

The HasciSE family – consistent accessories for maximum flexibility

All variants of the HasciSE from ACD Elektronik GmbH feature impressive versatile carrying options, which include hand straps and cuffs with finger release or holding plates that can be pulled out by zipper. The hand straps and cuffs are ergonomically designed and available in different sizes for both left-handed and right-handed users. All devices in the HasciSE family are attached using robust standard snap fasteners and all devices have the same basic shape. That means the accessories as well as the backhand scanner can be exchanged independently and thus adapted to the needs and requirements of the wearer and the relevant work process.