M270: The new generation of the multi-purpose logistics tool


Mobile Handheld Computer M270

The new M270 Mobile Handheld Computer – like its predecessor the M260TE – is especially well suited for scan-intensive applications in logistics and industry.

The M270 Mobile Handheld Computer was developed by ACD Elektronik GmbH in response to the constantly growing requirements for handhelds in warehouse logistics. The operating system of the M270 is the reliable and very stable Android™ Industrial+. This choice ensures sufficient system stability even in harsh warehouse environments. Android™ Industrial+ can be selectively adapted to customer requirements at any time. ACD also takes responsibility for support, incorporates security updates, and provides assistance with troubleshooting as well as rapid response to security gaps. The advantage of communicating directly with the German manufacturer is unique on the market and greatly reduces complications.

M270 Logistik Allrounder

An all-rounder in logistics

The M270 covers numerous application areas, mainly in logistics and industry. These include warehouse order picking as well as working in incoming and outgoing goods. “The wide range of possible accessories, already familiar from the M260TE, as well as its sturdiness and ergonomic handling offer the users exactly those features and functionalities that are important for mobile application,” explains ACD Managing Director Andreas Zwißler. This includes a fast input keyboard in hard shell design for input-intensive processes, different scanner variants, a quick change rechargeable battery with easy lock, handle and retaining strap, and more. Other special features of the M270 include the high-resolution VGA display with capacitive touchscreen for the familiar touch operation and Android™ Industrial+, as well as BT Low Energy (>4.0) and BT Classic for pairing with the ACD Hasci backhand scanner.

The M270 Mobile Handheld Computer is consistently oriented to the needs of industrial and logistics applications, offering a smart and above all robust solution for mobile applications. Along with all the standard functionalities, the M270 has a two-component housing completely protected by rubber coating for increased fall protection and a new, functional design. The meticulously designed ergonomics ensure fatigue-free working. “In contrast to a handheld mobile device, it would also be possible to use a PDA for industrial purposes, but PDA devices produced for end-consumers are neither suitable for industry, nor are they particularly ergonomic. Our fast input keyboards in particular are unique in the industry,” explains Andreas Zwißler. The high-quality VGA display with capacitive touchscreen, familiar from smartphones, enables optimum input. A long battery life, the proven keyboard layout with an easy-to-operate fast input keyboard and ten function keys that can be modified for customer-specific needs provide an ideal starting point for customers and increase usability.

All of this makes the M270 a perfect combination of smartphone and rugged industrial device, and the ideal companion for all warehouse and logistics processes. The M270 is definitely the right tool for efficient working in harsh environments.

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