Working 4.0: Digitalization and working from home at ACD Elektronik GmbH

Working 4.0: Digitalization and working from home at ACD Elektronik GmbH

Long before the Corona Pandemic, ACD started the digital transformation with the implementation of important projects for the digitalization of work processes.

The circumstances and regulations that accompanied the Corona Pandemic confirmed us in our efforts on the path to the digital workplace. A milestone in ACD Elektronik’s digitalization strategy back in 2018 was the implementation of a digital document management system. The goal was, on the one hand, to implement a tool that could ensure digital, legally compliant storage of our documents and, on the other hand, to be able to map our internal processes digitally via workflow. With the implementation and rollout of the document management system in all commercial areas of the company, we were able to successfully digitize and automate all relevant processes. Examples of this are digital approvals of invoices or purchase orders, as well as the electronic dispatch of these documents to customers or suppliers. Furthermore, incoming documents such as incoming delivery bills or documents for service orders, as well as internally generated documents for orders or invoices, are stored quickly, easily and digitally.
The basis for the smooth digital mapping was the integration of the document management system into our existing ERP system. The linking of the two software solutions enables the user to view all relevant documents of the current process, regardless of which of the two systems the user is working in. This increases both transparency and productivity, which was a key goal of the project. Furthermore, valuable environmental resources are conserved by minimizing paper consumption.

Smooth start into homeworking

With the start of the pandemic in 2020, these precautions enabled us to provide all office staff with a smooth and rapid start into homeworking, without any restrictions on day-to-day business operations. We have seen this “new daily routine” as an opportunity to take another step toward a modern workplace. Guidelines for homeworking have been firmly established in the company since 2022 and they will remain in place in the future. The past few months have already proven that our company continues to work efficiently and successfully with the existing working from home arrangements and, thanks to video calls, the exchange and team spirit between employees is not neglected. We are convinced that this is the way to continue offering employees an attractive working environment in the future.

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